Israel Is There to Help  September 14, 2017 Rollie Quaid

Israel Is There to Help

“Israel Is There to Help” is a recent video by Youtuber Hananya Naftali. Hananya is former IDF soldier and part of an Israeli propaganda agenda on the internet called Hasbara (meaning explanation). His audience target seems to be preteens because his message is always that “Israelis are really, really, totally cool and Palestinians just suck.” He also pays lip service to being a Humanitarian. He says in the video:

..Hurricane Harvey, hurricane Irma, Earthquake in Mexico, Tsunami warnings, parts of the world on fire, North Korea nukes.”

But don’t worry!

Israel sent two or (possibly) three emergency teams..that flew over 8000 miles.”

Wow Hananya, and I was worried about all those events. What a relief! Thanks Israel.

The IDF dork seems to suggest that Israel’s humanitarian aid is the only thing that’s keeping us Americans afloat during these HAARP disasters.

Thank you Israel! Since we have 2 Israeli rescue teams on the ground it makes me feel better about the $38 Billion military aid package to Israel, which is a “Humanitarian” effort that you haven’t so much made a video for to thank us our help.

Hananya also puts in a dose of Jewish long held suffering into the mix of hurricane discussion.

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