Alisyn Camerota: “Conspiracy Trolls Are Already In Overdrive Talking About This Tragedy!”

Alisyn Camerota: “Conspiracy Trolls Are Already In Overdrive Talking About This Tragedy!”

As sure as the sun will rise, crazy conspiracy theories will crop up after tragedies.” Camerota

Camerota, does that mean my tweets lit up your day?

She adds that some these conspiracy theories make their way to the State House (of FL) and some even go on to the White House.

She had Brian Shelter from CNN’s “Reliable Sources” on the segment to say that those who are hip to conspiracy culture are a form of pollution, like the smoke that comes from factories, poisoning the environment on the “school shootings” issue.

Shelter asks what the press should do about these conspiracy theories on Twitter – should the press ignore it or speak out about it?

Camerota Believes that the only reason that my tweets are newsworthy is because they’re making their way into the White House through Donald Trump Junior and changing White House policy.

Go pick up a job applications at TYT, the left wing InfoWars counterpart, because you’ve gone full libtard, Camerota.

Only the Tribe and their Deep State apparatus influence President Trump’s policy. Stop blowing poisonous smoke up our asses, giving us a false dichotomy of how the world works.

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