Chabad’s Annual Founders Banquet Is Tonight! Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner

Chabad’s Annual Founders Banquet Is Tonight! Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner

When: February 27th, 2018

Where: Cipriani, 55 Wall St., NYC

Black tie is optional, but don’t forget the secret handshake for the secret society called “The Founders” who are hosting, and please no owl masks or black robes at tonight’s event, as that will be Thursday night.

A representative of the Kushner family, or even Jared Kushner himself, will be in attendance with a bottle of the finest Château Mouton Rothschild, saying cheers for the Goyim’s naive support for the Bandit State of Israel and the trashing of the 2nd Amendment.

For tonight’s event plates will be a whopping $1,000. You have got to be an expert at exploitation to have enough shekels to be a “Founder”  or one of their poodles (i.e., congressmen).

Here is the website link.

This is the YouTube advertisement video for tonight’s event.

Alan Zweibel is going to receive the lifetime accomplishment award from the “Founders.”

He was on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO, and even a consultant-producer of the show. That’s enough accomplishment for five lifetimes. I hope they use some of Larry David’s comedy routines tonight to make a $1,000 candlelit gefilte fish dinner with (possibly) Bill Clinton and Chabad even more magically Romantic.

Here is Larry David and Alan Zweibel, comedy legends in action.

Oh man, you guys suck..

Tonight the Founders will be honoring Amin Cayre with the Founders yearly award.

According to Midtown Equities homepage, Amin’s Uncle Joseph Cayre is:

..most well-known asset is the joint acquisition with Larry Silverstein and the Goldman families of a 99-year lease on the World Trade Center in New York City. At $3.2 billion, the acquisition represented the largest real estate transaction in New York City.

There is a lot to bubble up about for those that view themselves as the inheritors of the earth in a world domination scheme that dates back to the Bronze Age.

The Gala Chairman is Stanley Chera, founder of Crown Acquisitions. said about Chera..

He is known for developing or “repositioning” the retail portion of his buildings and then selling the properties. In a joint venture with the Carlyle Group and Charles Kushner, he sold the retail portion of 666 Fifth Avenue in two transactions for more than $1 billion.

According to Carlyle Group’s website on July 1, 2008:

The Carlyle Group and Crown Acquisitions Acquire Controlling Interest in Retail Portion of 666 Fifth Avenue for $525 Million..

“We are pleased to bring in great partners in the Carlyle Group and Stanley Chera, and look forward to working together to create further value in this unique retail box,” said Jared Kushner, President of the Kushner Companies.

What is up with the Triple-6s at Kushners property?

“A History of Zionism, Illuminati, New World Order and their related events” by Wikizionism, reported September 10, 2011:

..six stems from the sixth letter “vav” in the Hebrew alphabet or alef-bet. Six is the number of man in the Jewish tradition, since vav is said to be a picture of man. Man was supposedly created on the sixth day, works for six days of the week, and the “beast” has the “number of a man” – 666.

The number six and Jewish mythology, as stated above, has special significance. The number of 6 million Jews who died in WW2 was selected based on a Religious basis.

Wikizionism Continues:

..Rabbi Stephen Wise spoke of “6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism”. Another botched attempt to kick-start the myth was in 1919, when few believed Martin Glynn’s claims of “six million” starving Jews. On November 25, 1936, Chaim Weizmann told of “six million” Jews in Europe who were unwanted and effectively sentenced to be imprisoned.

The Kushner family is not just in “The Founders” Chabad secret society or the Carlyle group, but also in a group called the “Holocaust Builders.” The number 666 was placed on the Kushner property, known as “666 Fifth Avenue”, before changing it to the Citibank logo in 2002. That is the kind of reverence these cultists have for 6s.

Volumes could be spoken, but for now I will continue to update you on the event.

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