Hananya Naftali: Hamas Is Threatening To Murder Israelis On Social Media, Israelis Must Use Social Media The Same Way

Hananya Naftali: Hamas Is Threatening To Murder Israelis On Social Media, Israelis Must Use Social Media The Same Way

On March 16, allegedly 2 IDF soldiers died in Israeli settlement called “Mevo Dothan” due to injuries from a Palestinian driver using his personal vehicle as a battering ram, running over the two soldiers.

JTA Reported on March 16, 2018:

Israel Defense Forces has confirmed that the man deliberately drove into the four soldiers, all in their 20s, on Friday afternoon in Mevo Dotan. The driver, 26, has been arrested. The incident comes on a day that Palestinian groups, including Hamas, had designated as a Day of Rage to protest 100 days since President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. A coalition of Palestinian groups called for confrontations with soldiers and settlers after Friday prayers, according to The Times of Israel. Protests of the U.S. recognition have taken place weekly since it was made in December.

In response to the attack, CNN reported that Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman tweeted:

We will seek the death penalty for the terrorist, the destruction of his home, and punishment for anyone else involved.”

This means that not only does the Palestinian driver die, but according to un-democratic Israeli law, based on Jewish religious belief in “collective punishment” straight from the Talmud, the Palestinian driver’s Mom and Dad will get their home bulldozed to make way for a Jewish townhouse. Lieberman continues..

This is terror that is promoted by [President Mahmoud Abbas] and the Palestinian Authority that pays money to the families of terrorists…”

I haven’t seen one ounce of evidence provided by the IDF or Israeli government that the incident was an act of terrorism. What happened on March 16 could have been what we in civilized society call “a car accident.” There is no need to sound the terrorist bell as often as the Israelis. Anyway, anything that happens in the Palestinian homeland against foreign invaders cannot be defined as terrorism anyways.

Regardless of the lack of evidence that the incident was an act of terrorism, Israel has hired YouTuber goons to reinforce the mantra of “die Arab die.”

Hananya is former IDF soldier and part of an Israeli propaganda agenda on the internet called Hasbara (meaning explanation). His audience target seems to be preteens because his message is always that “Israelis are really, really, totally cool and Palestinians just suck.”

Seemingly every time he mentions Palestinians,  it’s like clockwork for him to show an image of men wearing ski masks, a green karate headband and holding a AK-47 (which Palestinians probably got from zio-deep state actors like Rabbi Boteach’s AEY in the 2000s, Purple Shovel or Henri Thomet network). If I used a picture of the “happy merchant” every time I talked about Jews, Hananya would have a conniption.

Hananya has access to the Israeli Government, as he has personally interviewed the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, on his YouTube channel.

Hananya is someone, if you weren’t Jew wise, you’d let your sister date. The nice guy appearance is only a facade, though. He’s obsessed with removing Arabs and having Whites doing his dirty work. He’s effectively wanting to ban Arabs from protesting even on the Internet and uses the argument that they are provoking violence, so they shouldn’t be able to use this utility.

When not throwing his Arab neighbors under the bus he’s constantly bragging about controlling the grid through Technion and other technology innovation in Israel. Another thing that strikes a nerve with me about him is that he promotes the idea that Israel is not a pariah, but a force for good and really the only force for good in the world. He also likes to promote the asinine idea that Americans are piggybacking off of the success of Israelis.

Hananya even did a political commentary on YouTube on the JTA story noted above titled “Terror Attack in Samaria, Two Israeli Victims.”  Vehicular manslaughter of Jews is terrorism plain and simple.

Hananya made a clownish cartoon of an Israeli dodging an incoming car that almost clips him at the 1 minute and 4 second mark. Absolutely funny! Of course that cartoon is not the reality of the situation in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Then he goes on to say Hamas and Palestinians in general are using social media to encourage murder and that Israelis need to use social media in the same way so as to “stand up” to Hamas.

Will you stand up against Hamas? Hamas is a small militia, which was actually created by the Mossad, and poses no real threat to global security. Israel is working feverishly to control the “Grid” in order to have the ability to use “Kill Switch” diplomacy worldwide, while Hamas is barely hanging by a thread.


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