School Shooting Survivor Explains Why She Won’t Go Back to School!

School Shooting Survivor Explains Why She Won’t Go Back to School!

There’s no such thing as normal anymore.

Alisyn Camerota was supposedly reporting live with Samantha Fuentes, a supposed student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, in Parkland, FL. However, the fact that they are in front of a green screen is very transparent.

That Camerota and Fuentes are not actually on site should be a major indicator that CNN is willing to lie. They obviously do not feel compelled to tell the truth to their viewers.

Fuentes has the most perfectly round black eye I have ever seen, and I work in the fight industry.

Also notice when the CNN camera looks at Fuentes’ legs full of “shrapnel,” the grass is Astroturf. It is totally fake.

On Feburary 21, 2018, Fuentes was on Inside Edition. They reported on her release from the hospital, and even though she had shrapnel in her legs, she walked out the hospital. Amazing! Almost unbelievable.

On Inside Edition, Fuentes‘ black eye was more transparently drawn on. Her makeup looks like it’s from some sort of cheap Halloween Zombie makeup kit.

Fuentes says that she’s not going back to school, but is going to continue activism, which means she will work for CNN.

Even though she is not going to return, Fuentes has a whole laundry list of social change ideas for the school, including metal detectors. These social requests seem to be manufactured by the high priests of deception at CNN. Their goal is to make public schools into prisons.

Don’t be fooled, CNN and FOX want plenty of guns in schools with armed personnel, jack-booted thugs dressed in all black with foaming-at-the-mouth patrol dogs that children will be subjected to when traveling through the hallways at their school. It is all for the sake of protecting children from monsters like Nikolas Cruz.

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2 comments on “School Shooting Survivor Explains Why She Won’t Go Back to School!

  1. Kyle banned me from commenting at the Renegade cause he is a prissy little baby. I read your article on David Copperfield. If you want sources for articles feel free to use anything from my YT channel. I will be glad to discuss anything with you to help you understand it and write articles about it if you want. Much love brother thanks for your work


    • Thanks for reaching out. My Blog is completely only Rollie.. renegade is Kyle’s platform his rules but that’s OK it’s is network.

      My nickname is blackballed because I’m always the odd man out. It’s actually kind a rare for me be hold up high esteem as I’m at RB.

      I want to put together a fact-finding team if you see a story that needs to be covered or what my political commentary on it send it to me and I’ll definitely check out your YouTube videos.


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