The White House is 50 Shades of Chuck Barris

The White House is 50 Shades of Chuck Barris

“Donald Trump and the Political Aesthetics of Reality Television” by David Showalter on June 8, 2017:

Donald Trump went from The Apprentice to the Oval Office. What can reality television teach us about governance and resistance under the Trump Administration? Though he originally made his reputation as a builder and landlord, Donald Trump spent much of the past two decades as a reality television star. Now the man who used to appraise the managerial qualifications of washed-up rock stars and Hollywood has-beens on Celebrity Apprentice is the President of the United States. What is the link between Trump the reality star and Trump the politician? ..Trump has incorporated the political aesthetics of reality television in his approach to governance..

Since President Camacho Trump has ascended the throne of the White House, it really feels that the stereotypical asshole boss from “The Apprentice” is now starring in a 24/7 reality show where the stage is the White House. When Trump was still a candidate, he told NBCUniversal Chief Executive Steve Burke that he would to bring the reality show trump “The Apprentice” to the White House, and boy did he ever.

Chuck Barris’ DNA lurks throughout Reality TV industry; the whole thing wreaks of gefilte fish as a testament to Chuckie Baby’s legacy.

Please read my earlier article.

This article isn’t a retelling of “Chuckie Baby Was a Killer For the CIA”, but about making a direct link between Chuck Barris and President Donald Trump.

Barris carried the torch of Edward Bernays and continued the tribe’s aim of instilling Judaeo-trash culture by polluting the airwaves. The Jews call this tactic ‘disseminating propaganda’. Frederick Eckstein’s and Sigmund Freud’s (Bernay’s double nephew) ghosts would smile on Barris. Many of his Jewish  ilk call him the”King of Shylocks”. However, Barris was not the founder of game show television but the “Ayatollah of Trasherola” and founder of Reality TV.

He was the Domino that fell to start things in motion for “Reality” stars like Donald Trump to become President. Barris made shows that became the template and prototype on which all “reality” are based on now today.

“Farewell to a True Original: The Final Gong For Chuck Barris” by Jere Hester:’s clearest echoes extend to “The Apprentice,” where instead of hearing a gong, losers were brusquely informed, “You’re fired!” by future President Donald Trump… Barris, who presided over the 1976 to 1980 run of “The Gong Show,” offered up himself as an anti-host.

President Donald Trump’s MO is to be anti-Presidential material while actually being President of the United States, which is very reminiscent of Chuck Barris’ anti-Host tactics. But what if I told you that Barris not only was friends with Trump and Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn, but actually moved to the Trump Plaza on opening day? Would you say that is as fishy as the claim that Barris would carry a Walther 9mm and leave bodies smelling of cordite?

There is no telling what Barris was capable of because he would joke about gassing people that got on his nerves, even his own Jewish Tribesmen. This is ironic, because Jews being Gassing by “Nazis” during WW2 is called the worst crime of 20th century even though there is more proof that Chuck was in the CIA than any jew was gassed in “concentration camps.” We can laugh at the claim that Barris was a murder-for-hire for the CIA, but we as a society can not question the “Holocaust.” Or even wonder why it was a recurring fantasy for Barris to kill everyone in the room during a filming of his show, perhaps going as far as gassing them. I thought only cold blooded Germans thought like Barris.

He also wished he could kill the contestants on his show.

“If I Had a Hammer” according to Fandom:

If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song)” is a song written by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays. It was written in 1949 in support of the progressive movement..

..was first performed publicly by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays on June 3, 1949, at St. Nicholas Arena in New York at a testimonial DINNER for the leaders of the Communist Party of the United States…

Image result for Julian Assange fist

..Wikileaks chose the song as its “Wikileaks song”.

Barris proved that Bolshevik mass murder is the theme of “I wish I had a hammer.” The song has nothing to do with using a tool to build a better system, but rather bludgeon to death and wreck society with a hammer. Why would Assange pick this as the Wikileaks song? Hmm.. an unsolvable conundrum to me.

By the way, Barris’ proceeds for the “Gong Show” would go to synagogues and select churches to counter the claim that Barris was undermining the religious right, i.e. Judeo-religions. Though Barris never had a Bar Mitzvah, he was loyal to the tribe as he proclaimed in his Autobiography. His devotion was to his “Uncle,” – the CIA, Uncle Abe, or Uncle Sam – the meaning is interchangeable.

In 1963, Barris was recruited to the CIA at 33 years old and he would go on to be an accomplished killer, having 33 kills with 33 ways to kill. Barris believed he could talk to spirits with Ouija boards and that magic psychics could draw power in him through spells and Black Magic. Barris claimed that killing would “instill in me perhaps inappropriately omnipotent powers, outrageous confidence, and a super human ego.”.

George Clooney decided to make a movie based on Barris’ 1984 autobiography called Confessions of A Dangerous Mind, in which Barris claimed to have been a murder-for-hire for the CIA to target Italian Red Bridge’s (a Terrorist cell) Mario Moretti (a failed attempt) and Salvador Panagra Renda, whom he describes as the mysterious, silent partner of the very real Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

Not only does Chuckie believe in Black Magic, but Clooney as well, channeling the spirit of Chuckie Baby in his twisted 2002 biopic film.

Porkins Policy Review said about the film:

..Clooney’s attempts to gain the attention and approval of the CIA, … Clooney’s self-appointed role as Chuck’s ‘defence lawyer’, his obsession with goats (Baphomet) and why he employed theatrical visual tricks throughout the production.

Killing somebody is much more exciting than fucking someone. It’s more tantalizing, more stimulating, more electrifying, more meaningful, more undeniable, more everything actually, the active assassinating is indescribable.” – Jim Byrd of the head of Wet-Operations at the CIA and supervisor to Barris in the 1960’s to the 1970’s. Clooney played Byrd in the the 2002 film adaptation.

Barris’ claims are as convincing as Lt. Muldoon from the 2007 film “Planet Terror” claiming to have been the one to “take out Osama Bin Laden.” Imagine “tough guy” Bruce Willis without the tough exterior and having a weaselly voice with a Jew-fro. Then you have Chuck Barris.

Barris in his autobiography described himself as a “Svengalian symbol, all that is wrong with commercial television.” He was definitely recruited to the CIA to populate the airwaves, as he confessed in his book. His 1984 book was revolutionary for its time, because it was common knowledge that the CIA headquarters at Langley, VA aka the “Herber Walker Bush Center’s” codename is the “Farm.”

Barris in his book talks heavily about military intelligence and psychological warfare. It seems he really knew his “stuff” when it came to domestic and foreign psychological warfare. His claim to shuffle CIA confidential papers after reading television production scripts I believe, but I’m 50/50 on if Barris was an Assassin for the CIA.

Leonard Goldberg, a television producer, would ask Barris when is the next fiasco? Fiasco can mean doing Clandestine work for the CIA. Barris would tell Goldberg: oh.. its a dating game.. Goldberg would ask: Do you need 13 weeks to travel?


..Barris claims that while he was a rising star in Hollywood, he was recruited by the CIA. Barris then became involved in international top-secret missions, purportedly traveling to foreign locales to chaperone the game show winners on their prize vacations. But as the couples enjoyed exotic beaches and hotels, Barris claims that he was off killing America’s enemies—thirty-three in all—as secret agent “Sunny Sixkiller.”

Barris claimed he traveled Europe to try take out Mario Moretti in a failed assassin attempt. Moretti was a leading member of the Red Brigades in the late 1970s; he was one of the kidnappers of Aldo Moro, the president of Italy’s largest party.

“Was Chuck Barris a hit man for the CIA?” Cecil of Straight Dope, February 7, 2003:

..(Barris) having been hired by the CIA after answering a want ad, he aced his training and was soon infiltrating a civil rights march in Selma, Alabama; that’s when ABC decided to air The Dating Game, the CIA said, “hey, no reason you can’t be a successful TV producer and a spy;” that he kept dodging assignments until his CIA boss said, come with me to Mexico City, it’ll be fun, and during the plane ride casually told Chuck they were going to kill a communist revolutionary, which they did; that after he got back he had three ex-cons destroy the Cadillac of a jerk who was in the habit of pretending to be a Dating Game talent scout and raping would-be contestants; that the CIA then assigned him to meet a courier in London, where he exchanged an envelope of money for a roll of microfilm, then jammed his silencer-equipped automatic into the courier’s mouth and pulled the trigger three times, whereupon “the man’s eyes remained surprised while the back of his head splattered against the wall of the church”; that he then “greased the bullet-shaped vial [of microfilm] with [Vaseline], dropped my pants, and slid the vial up my ass”; that he then sold ABC The Newlywed Game; that he spent $20,000 on abortions for various girlfriends; that he killed a bunch of other people (the details blur); but then a lot of his friends started getting killed because there was a mole in the CIA, but Barris got the last laugh by killing the mole, who turned out to be none other than . . . sorry, I don’t want to ruin the suspense. Barris says he received an award from the CIA “for outstanding service,” which provoked him to muse about “the strange dichotomy of being crucified by my peers for attempting to entertain people and lauded by my peers for killing them.”

Simon Oliver, who was Jim Byrd’s superior, felt that only Barris could be the man to find the KGB mole inside the CIA, which turned out to be Pateria Watson. In the 2002 adaptation, Julia Roberts played Patricia Watson and he poisoned her by switching cups that she attempted to poison him with. How cunning, Barris.

Vizzini From Princess Bride would say this is “inconceivable.”

In the autobiography Barris and Watson were partying in Maui for a few days. While at the pool Barris pulled his AMT 380 9mm kurz from his ankle and shot Watson twice, which caused her death and ended his murder-for-hire career at the CIA.

Was Barris recruited to the CIA at the Trump Towers?

Barris claims that he was recruited by the CIA in 1963, when he was 33 years. Donald Trump would have been draft-dodger age during this time and couldn’t have brokered the deal. But it’s interesting to note that Barris claims he was recruited in a home on 5th Ave that was decorated with a Louis XIV interior.

The Trump Tower is at 725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022 and is decorated with a Louis XIV interior.

The man who recruited him had ‘Brush hair’, was in his 50’s, and wore a Cardigan sweater with a tie. Barris referred to the recruiter as “the man in Cardigan sweater”.

Fred Trump, Donald’s father, was 58 years old in 1963. Fred had Brush hair as a family trait, and a sports jacket can be mistaken for a Cardigan sweater with a tie.

Trump Tower was completed in 1983, and couldn’t be the location of Barris’ recruitment because the date and the meeting was at a home and not a high rise.  The meeting could not have happened at Donald Trump’s boyhood home in old Jamaica Queens, as it had a Tudor-style. Perhaps Fred had another esatate with a Louis XIV interior.

According to Barris’ autobiography he told a charming story of tying his 75-year-old grandmother’s corpse to the roof of his Volkswagen to his CIA recruiter (i.e. “the man in Cardigan sweater”) and the recruiter was so impressed that he instantly wanted Barris to sign the recruitment papers.

Was Chuck Barris a hit man for the CIA? Cecil of Straight Dope February 7, 2003. 1953 he took his 75-year-old grandmother on a camping trip to the Poconos, where they spent a wonderful day, but unfortunately when he woke up the next morning she was dead, so he zipped her body into a sleeping bag, tied it to the roof of his Volkswagen, ..and drove to a police station, but even more unfortunately while he was inside making a report someone stole the car.

This was another highlight of the recruitment conversation to screen Barris to see if he was mentally fit to be in the CIA.

(Barris) at 16 .. persuaded a 13-year-old friend of his sister’s to lick his “wee-wee” by telling her it tasted like a strawberry lollipop.

Was Barris mentally fit to be in the Clandestine service of the CIA?

The answer is..

“Oh hell yes”.. They have Alex Jones on the pay role for God’s sake.

Whether a member of the Trump family was the recruiter or not, Donald Trump is a paid actor just like Edward Snowden and Osama Bin Laden. In the movie Iron Man 3 they call it a “Mandarin.”

In the early 1980’s, Donald Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn talked Barris into being one the first celebrities to move to Trump Plaza, which opened May 15, 1984. Barris lived in a penthouse at Trump Plaza until it closed in September 16, 2014.

Barris could have made up the recruitment story and described his friend Trump’s penthouse interior at the Trump Towers for his autobiography.

“Donald Trump Gets What He Wants” by Graydon Carter May 1, 1984.

Roy Cohn has a problem. It is mid-November, a peak month for New York hotel bookings, and an out-of-town client of his law firm, Saxe, Bacon & Bolan, is stuck for a room for the night… 50 million cooperative development has also attracted a “lower echelon” of West Coast types on the order of Dick Clark, Chuck Barris…

“Chuck Barris Beats the Gong” by Andrew Goldman March 19, 2001:

..on the 39th floor of the Trump Plaza, Mr. Barris settled.. In 1984, he and his friend Dick Clark bought adjoining penthouses–actually, Mr. Barris’ is a cozy one-bedroom affair.. apartment is all that’s left of the Barris empire… Mr. Barris had gone and gotten commitments from 20 of his friends to witness the ceremony. And when Mayor Rudolph Giuliani didn’t respond to Mr. Barris’ request that he perform the ceremony at his home, Mr. Barris found a judge who would.

I wonder why then Mayor Rudolph Giuliani refused to witness the ceremony of his long time associate Chuckie Baby. Maybe perhaps it is because Chuckie Baby has long been rumored to be patient zero of herpes at the Trump Plaza.

“The War Of The Herpes At The Trump Plaza” by Joshua Stein July 20, 2007

“Gong Show” host Chuck Barris has been enmeshed in a battle with his penthouse neighbor at the Trump Plaza for years now. She’s an 85-year-old “inventor” and crazy ol’ coot named Dorothea M. Weitzner. In a letter recently published in the New York Law Journal, Weitzner wrote: “what you need is your head cracked open. I’ll get you, just you wait … I’ll get you, you cockroach. You faggot. Your wife’s mother’s a slut.”

Among the other claims Weitzner makes against Barris: Weitzner frequently accused the Barrises of spying on her apartment, as evidenced — according to Weitzner herself — by their shared use of the same venereal-disease specialist. In a deposition taken in the course of the ejectment proceedings, an attorney for Trump Plaza asked Weitzner if she threatened to slice Mr. Barris’ body part.

“I might have said that,” she answered. “You know, I’m honest, because I was in a state of paroxysms of hatred for this man who had copied ideas of mine from my telephone conversations. He used my doctor when I had herpes.” “Is that [Dr. Michael] Kalman?” “You know how many doctors there are? There are about 10,000 doctors. He picked [mine]. It’s unbelievable, the guy is very tricky.”

Contracting herpes just to spy on your neighbor? That is tricky, also, probably not true. Sadly for Barris, the lawsuit the co-op board brought to evict Weitzner was recently thrown out on some tenuous legal b.s. Barris, it seems, is doomed to suffer both herpes and harpies a little longer.

“Gong Show’ Host in Bizarre Legal Battle With Co-op Neighbor” by Mark Fass of New York Law Journal reported July 19, 2007

..Barris repeatedly complained to the Trump Plaza’s board of directors. On two separate occasions, his phone calls to the police led to Weitzner’s involuntary confinement for psychiatric services, once over night and once for one month, according to documents filed by Weitzner’s attorney, solo-practitioner Kenneth J. Glassman.

Eventually, shortly after Barris’ March 2003 letter, the board formally initiated ejectment proceedings. As Trump Plaza Owners v. Weitzner..

Barris and Bob Hope

“The Hating Game” written by Peter Andrews on Octember 2, 1978

(Barris has a) ..Psychotic hatred of women…Barris’ shows amount to systematic assassination of women… victims skip to the executioner’s block fairly squealing with delight.”

Chuck Barris: “A plant, as far as I’m concerned, has as much of a soul as I do”.

Barris took trips from his assassin missions back to Langley and often soldiers sat next to him on the plane. Soldiers would ask Barris if he knows Bob Hope. Barris was envious of the sexy MK Ultra girls that obeyed Hope’s every command on his show, and Hope had a big Les Brown-type band to artichoke his audience with music.

Chuck Barris wished he had the psychic hold that Bob Hope had on his beautiful woman on his show. See Brice Taylor’s “Thanks for the Memories – The Memoirs of Bob Hope’s and Henry Kissinger’s Mind-Controlled.”

Barris would hear soldiers lament the fact that Hope only went to battle zones; that’s when Barris got the idea what is called it “Operation Entertainment.”

“Gonged at Last: game show impressario and author Chuck Barris dead at 87″ by Salon, March 23 2017:

.. (Barris’) “The Game Game,” which was kind of complicated — a contestant and three celebrities trying to figure out what a panel of psychologists would say was the best solution to a problem — and not successful, validating Barris’ theory that the simpler the show, the greater the chance of success. There was also a one-hour Mama Cass special, and “Operation: Entertainment,” a variety show inspired by Bob Hope’s Christmas shows. It was taped at domestic military bases.

Roy Cohn, Bob Hope and the AIDs activist movement

On July 4, 1986 Bob Hope joked, “I just heard the Statue of Liberty has AIDS. Nobody knows if she got it from the mouth of the Hudson or the Staten Island Fairy.” Roy Cohn was HIV-positive and hung out at Page six, where he probably heard the joke. AIDS activists slammed the Reagans and Hope for the joke. On August 2, 1986 Roy Cohn died of AIDS and the AIDs awareness movement got even stronger.

Barris and the FCC

Net neutrality being gutted by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is a real concern to Americans today. During the days of the “Gong Show” the FCC Chairman was Peter Jenks.

Barris said in his autography “Peter Jenks was an actor. I hired him to portray a character I had created: the red-faced man of my nightmare..” He also said “Jenks was impersonating the bogus FCC inspector..”

Is Pai a paid actor like Trump and Peter Jenks? Pai is another “Mandarin”?

Even the mass media can’t help but to tell how Barris-eque the White House is right now.

“The Gong Show, with Donald Trump” by Jeffrey Frank March 28, 2017:

If Manafort, Flynn, and Puzder were perfect contestants for a Washington gong show, it’s harder to judge the performance of Rex Tillerson, Trump’s Secretary of State and the former C.E.O. of ExxonMobil, who arrived in Foggy Bottom with his self-respect and independence reasonably intact. He now seems at risk of losing both. During his first trip to Asia, he tried to ban press coverage, but there was no hiding from reality: he abbreviated, or cancelled, meetings, and meals, in Seoul, South Korea, either because of “fatigue” or poor scheduling. In either case, this suggests that there was far too much improvisation for a major diplomatic journey. Tillerson has also taken up the Trumpian line of “extreme vetting” for those entering the United States, which most recently has meant ordering many consular offices to make it even more difficult for visitors to get a visa—yet another “No Trespassing” sign that will discourage the sort of people who, for generations, saw this country as an optimistic, welcoming land, and who often brought greatness to America in areas such as science, art, and innovation. Does this represent the real outlook of a successful international businessman like Tillerson?

Chuck Barris created a mythical version of himself in “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” a book, published in 1984, in which he claimed to have been an undercover assassin for the C.I.A., which he probably wasn’t. Donald Trump, too, likes to portray himself as someone he probably isn’t: a maker of great, beautiful deals, who is smarter than just about anyone. He has often said so, once telling Mika Brzezinski, the co-host of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” that he, Trump, gets great advice from Trump: “I’m speaking with myself, No. 1, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things. . . . I know what I’m doing and I listen to a lot of people, I talk to a lot of people and at the appropriate time I’ll tell you who the people are. But I speak to a lot of people. My primary consultant is myself, and I have, you know, I have a good instinct for this stuff.” A little more of this and one can almost hear anxious voices rising from the Washington swamp, asking for whom, exactly, the gong clangs.

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