Will Ferrell Played a MGTOW Guru Back In 2005

Will Ferrell Played a MGTOW Guru Back In 2005

“Men Going Their Own Way” (or simply MGTOW) is a fringe all-male group that has vowed to isolate themselves from female influence. Some of the members want to isolate themselves from women even sexually, but for those that have a sex drive, the MGTOW gurus have given special instructions for their pupils. The proper procedure when having a sexual relationship with a woman, according to the MGTOW gurus, is to “fuck them, dump them.”

Will Ferrell in the movie “Wedding Crashers” played a good example of a MGTOW Guru.

Chazz Reinhold is not something that an Aryan should aspire to be.

The MGTOW movement cannot create functional and efficient men. It can only create more “men” like Chazz.

It is just another cancerous ideology tailor-made to ensure the destruction of White people.

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