Gold Jewelry for Jews to Commemorate SS Identification Numbers

Gold Jewelry for Jews to Commemorate SS Identification Numbers

May 3, 2018 Rollie Quaid 11 Comments

Dana Rogozinski is carrying on the legacy of her Nana by putting her grandmother’s identification numbers (that were tattooed onto her when she was a prisoner at a SS labor camp) on to unique necklaces, bracelets, cuff links.

“The tattoo was indelibly etched in my mind,” said 28-year-old Rogozinski, who is the Founder and President of The J & E Legacy Collection, which is based in Florida. “Years later the joy of jewelry making with my grandmother became the inspiration for my jewelry line.”

Times Of Israel reported that Robert Tanen found the perfect romantic gift for his wife Meredith’s birthday. He knew that she would love the gift, but he had no idea how much she would adore it. When she opened the gift box, she had a deep emotional response to seeing a platinum chain with a disc pendant engraved with a series of digits – 94980 – her grandmother’s identification number.

“My wife broke down in tears and hugged me tighter than ever before. She had a very visceral and powerful reaction when she saw what was inside..” said Tanen.

“Meredith wears the necklace every day. She was very close with her grandfather,” said Tanen, who is a Floridian and Southeast regional director for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

God damn, jews really have an unhealthily obsession with being victimized! Jews think wearing their grandmother’s identification number is a term of endearment.

In 2017 Rogozinski did a public service infomercial for her SS identification number jewelry.

Listen to Dana talk about her worry that her grandmother’s tattoo was wearing off because of her grandmother’s age. Dana, your grandmother is going die because of her old age, so why are you so concerned about her losing a tattoo? It shows where jewish priorities lie (in perpetuating the fake Holocaust narrative), and how many “Shoah survivors” have lived long and profitable lives.

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