Salt Lake City’s Polynesian Mormon Crips.


In Salt Lake City it’s all about the “do or die” for TCG (Tongan Crip Gang) and who’s the baddest Crip set (meanest branch of Crips) in the Salt Lake City’s tightly knit Tongan community. 

According to Sugar Bear, the TCG recruits not only Polynesians, but all ethnic groups. Is America a multicultural cesspool, or what?

Gangland Season 3 Episode 5, titled “From Heaven to Hell,” exposes an unexpected world where gangbanging and Mormonism coexistence in the minds of a few roughneck Polynesians. How does one come to terms with the two lifestyles? Somehow TCG is able to reconcile the two competing worldviews in their minds.

From Monday to Saturday, it’s Crip time, “…We be crippin on a Saturday and then LDSing on Sunday.” According to a TCG member Mr. C, The LDS church on Sundays is “the place to kick it with your homeboys.” He added, “I’m a church guy, but don’t give me wrong..” (I’ll kill you.)

Mormon church officials declined to comment, But Elder Curtis said, “..denial is part of the problem, we need to own up to it.”

Salt Lake City is now known for three things: Mormonism, Rocky Mountain ski resorts and drive-by shootings. Holy Jesus Christ and his Latter-day Saints, gangbangers in Mormon ski resorts! Joseph Smith is rolling in his grave. Is there a Brigham Young-Blood?

USA Today reported, “Ron Stallworth, a founder of the state’s gang task force, in 1989 first identified the presence in Utah of the Tongan gang, heavily influenced by the Los Angeles-based Crips.”

Stallworth said about the community of Polynesians traveling from The Tongan to Compton to Salt Lake City, that a “..natural consequence of that move was the transfer of the gang culture.”

Stallworth said in the “From Heaven to Hell” documentary, “I was investigating a drive-by firebombing and when we got the guy, we found the Book of Mormon in his hip pocket,” Stallworth said. “He was studying for his mission while he was out there tossing Molotov cocktails.”

Stallworth questioned a gangbanger about why he packs a travel size Book of Mormon in his hip pocket and on the other side carries a blue bandanna (or Crip flag) and the answer was because “I separate the two.”

One of the popular crimes of the gang is to do what’s called “beer runs” and it doesn’t mean stopping at a store and picking up a six-pack of beer with your buddies. It means bum rushing a gas station and grabbing as much beer as possible before running out without paying for the beer.

In the late 80’s and earlier 90’s Crip member Dez sent the word to his fellow Samoan Crips In Utah that there’s no surveillance and the laws are a lot more lax than in LA.

Mr. C blew up a whole house, was caught for the crime by law-enforcement, got charged with first-degree arson, and then only spent one year in prison. Subsequently, Mr. C was permitted by the Elders to do his mandatory two-year missionary service that every man and woman of the church has to do.

In 1992, the facade of Salt Lake City being a wholesome white ecosphere shattered. During its Mormon “Patriot Day Celebration,” with the LDS’s Mr. C, who was high on LSD making real fireworks with a six shooter revolver, firing at a gang rival, who was supposed to be a member of his peace loving Tongan is community. 

The only thing I’ve seen spread is violence and Meth addiction. TCG are packing weapons that are also at Arab arm bazaars (RPGs, AK47 variant and SKSs.)

For those that say that race is a social construct, this documentary debunks that theory. 

Pacific Islander children were indoctrinated as result of LDS (Later Day Saints) missionaries, who rode in on the evangelical bandwagon to convert savages with dumbass stories of Native Americans really being Hebrews, brought to you by Joseph Smith (a crypto Jew), and of course the Samoans and Tongans would eventually want to move to the Holy Land of Zion, which is not Compton, CA but Salt Lake City.

I have a question for the nay-saying Liberals and race destroying evangelicals: How long do you have to rub these guys with Mormonism before TCG become bleach white?

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