70 Years After The Nakba, Palestinians Have Nothing To Lose

May 15, 2018 Rollie Quaid 6 Comments

On May 10, 2018, days before the violence that ensued yesterday after the symbolic opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, Channel 4 reported on the conditions in Palestine. If the Palestinians ever try to protest the genocidal policies of the state of Israel, they will get tear gassed and shot by IDF snipers.

The UN says Gaza will be “unlivable” by 2020. The Palestinians feel there’s no hope in sight, so as a people they might as well go for broke, because they really have nothing to lose. The Palestinians are already conquered, but they are going to give ZOG one hell of a run for their money.

Palestinians, I salute you.

US Embassy In Jerusalem Opens Today! Jerusalem’s Mayor Calls It the Beginning of a ‘New World Order’

Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat hailed the US embassy move as the beginning of a 6,000 year world domination plan by Torah followers to create ‘a New World Order’.

Renegade Tribune



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