Emilia Fart, The Jewifed 21-Century Women And The MKULTRA Program Continues, Especially In Canada.

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Emila Fart takes the YouTube audience on a 5 minute journey from her experience of being the “number 1 slut in all of Oakville Ontario” to wearing the forever scarf to cover her nonexistent neck.

Here is the video description:

Fun fact: there was a time in my life when I had a neck, a time when my makeup didn’t scare small children, a time when I wore something other than a giant sheet folded in half. Who was Emilia Fart before the scarf? Before the green hair? Before the boa? Before the iconic? The answer lies within- brace yourself.

This video is 5 minutes of your life you will never get back, please don’t just get mad at me for posting this video, write me a thank you letter in the comment section. Seriously!

By the way, you can get a free first ride with Uber by downloading the app and using this code: emilias321ue. The video below at the 6 minute mark, Farts states that her main source of revenue is YouTube and getting her viewers to use her promo code to travel Uber. Or possibly she gets money from a handler?

Where would you take a Uber to on a promotion code set up by a whacked out Angry Bird named Farts? Let me know in the comment section.

You might conclude that Farts is a just “special SJW snowflake” who covers self in Tim Burton style make up and wraps her self in a large blanket to cover her insecurities. I think the truth is deeper and darker than just dismissing her as another SJW retard.

The CIA-MKULTRA program had 151 subproject until 1973 when the program became public knowledge, the program never halted even for a split second.

Snow covered and isolated Canada was the true test ground for mass mind control for Dr. Donald Ewen Cameron’s research for the CIA-MKULTRA program. Dr. Sidney Gottlieb (Dr. Cameron colleque in the MKULTRA program)research has it’s hands tied in some cases when preforming experiences on Americans.  Canadians are a wet dream to a mad scientist to free work without road blocks and no oversight by prying eyes of the Senate.

Baxter Dmitry reported on November 2, 2017 on the  lawsuit of Allison Steel, the daughter of MKULTRA victim Jean Steel, who  launched a lawsuit back in September 2015 against the Canadian government for allowing the CIA to have their way on her mother, but then Steel ultimately dropped the lawsuit. I wonder why? This what Dmitry had to say about Dr. Cameron’s MKULTRA program in Canada..

..experiments aimed to “de-pattern” the victim’s mind through intense trauma in order to “re-pattern” it afterward. In other words, he was researching the basis of Monarch Programming – the mind control program.

Cameron believed a combination of chemically induced sleep for weeks at a time, massive electroshock treatments, experimental hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and techniques such as “psychic driving” through the repeated playing of taped messages could “de-pattern” the mind, breaking up the brain pathways and wiping out symptoms of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia. Doctors could then “re-pattern” patients.

However, the de-patterning also wiped out much the patient’s memory and left them in a childlike state. In some cases, grown adults forgot basic skills such as how to use the bathroom, how to dress themselves or how to tie their shoes.

To me Fart fits the profile of a “Butterfly” in the Monarch project or a MKULTRA guinea pig. Someone or some Alphabet soup (CIA, ISIS/Mossad, CSIS) agency gave her a good “Mindfuck,” Philip K. Dick’s “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” “Total Recall” good.

Dick wrote “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” which became a 1990 film called “Total Recall.”

When Alex Jones acts like a total lunatic, he usely gets a pass by many right-wing Conservative Christian, even though he is exhibiting the same sort of behavior as a triggered SJW snowflake who are the enemies of Conservative values in this topsy turvy bitch of a planet.

Jones is a Christian afterall,  the holy ghost is just coming inside and making a vessel out of Jones, there is no “Mindfuckery” here.

Thanks, Elite- Jews for using your “chosen” self-appointed status to make a Deep state apparatus inside Western governments to create mind-slaves through subjecting them to LSD for extended periods of medically induced sleep mixed with extreme forms of electroshock therapy and sensory deprivation. Which such tactic  left Farts a mere shell of their former self.

Multiple Personality Disorder is a defense mechanism that occurs when a person goes through intense trauma. The defense mechanism is the mind’s way of dealing with distressing events.

Dr. Cameron exploited this defense mechanism of the mind to induce ‘splitting’.

Once the process of the splitting has occurred, two or more personalities can live within the same body, each one completely unaware that the others exist and the duality of a person can occur. The MKULTRA victim is a fractured mirror with a cracked center.

Exploiting defence mechanism that occurs when a person goes through intense trauma and it is the mind’s way of dealing with distressing events is the key to mind control.

Now, Farts is a radical-Feminist and a member of the LBGT community promoting the idea that dressing like a freak that isn’t  fit to live within normal society, but is okay, normal people will adapt to seeing Gender unknown freaks that scare children, as long as the Freaks believe in their selves and the freakishness comes from within.

To me, Farts transformation was totally regressive, as if the Butterfly made a cocoon to make out a fat gluttonous Caterpillar.

There is endless amounts of ideological “snake oil” coming out the spiracles of this fat Caterpillar known as the Judeo-MSM, that our far-Left Liberal Na-Saying liberal friends mimicking there behavior they promote and taking there talking points to the extreme. People like Farts will say it’s natural to behave this way as long as comes from the “within.”

The Judeo-MSM will say drink there “snake oil” and  tell us it is good for us Goyim, it is just Jewish tap water, so drink up that poison, Butterfly.

Once the Goyim has quenched it’s thirst with Jews tap water, the world is the Tribe’s oyster to steal the pearls and no one can stop them when the Goyim are in a MKULTRA mind control state.

Judeo-poison that creates unhealthy people like Farts that are beyond help and we can only pity.

But unfortunately Farts are allowed to be around children and influence them to be an Atomized individual. The Fart’s rat nest spawning everywhere. Victims of the MKULTRA program not only are traumized by they traumatize minds younger minds to make them question normal behavior. Thank about it, do you get some sort of gag reflex when seeing Farts? What do you think it does to small children when they see her at Walmart?


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