Shaq Frozes On Air For 45 Seconds, Is He A Product Of Mind Control?

June 8, 2018 Rollie Quaid 0 Comments Edit

May 6th, 2018, Indiana Pacers star Victor Oladipo guess-hosted with the Inside the NBA that was presented by “No-One” which was preamble to what would ensue because the lights where on but no-one was home inside the head of cohost of Inside the NBA, Shaqline O’Neil.

Oladipo, Charles Barkley and  Ernie Johnson Jr. where on the set when out of the blue Shaq had a mental glitch for 45 seconds which Freeze all his motor functions and he needed a reboot.

Charles Barkley and Victor Oladipo started to singing “New York, New York,” he froze before the even song began, Shaq was literally  Frozen in time.

Most sports fan will demise this segment as Shaq applied too much foot powder spray and was simply high on the foot powder fumes.

For someone that’s career hinged on being in-the-zone for years of playing in the NBA, Shaq should have strong mental focus and never  Shaq should have ever totally zoned out during alive broadcast.

How can you shut down motor function of a former elite? Unless the althele is a MK athlete and is a victum of mind control.

Shaq’s trigger word is Kazaam.

Shaq seems to be beyond cloud 9 and has teleported outside his body. His shell is still on the set of” Inside The NBA” but his Astral project was sunken into vortex and  is now co-hosting a show with Rod Sterling called the ” Twilight Zone.”

He always has his  mouth semi-opened but in this video he holds it for 45 seconds. He resembles a “Butterfly” in the Monarch program, someone or someones has butched Shaq’s brain.

There is no physical evidence that Shaq is apart of a CIA funded series of secret brainwashing experiments that’s plan is to create mind-slaves through subjecting them to LSD for extended periods of medically-induced sleep, mixed with extreme forms of electroshock therapy and sensory deprivation.

But however his into Cryptherapy which the client’s body is exposed to ultra-low temperatures (up to -240 F).

LeBron James is into Cryptherapy as well..

Draymond Green had a similar glitched in a HQ segment titled– “Draymond buffering?”

Multiple Personality Disorder is a defense mechanism that occurs when a person goes through intense trauma. The defense mechanism is the mind’s way of dealing with distressing events.

Dr. Ewen Cameron of the MKUTRA program exploited this defense mechanism of the mind to induce ‘splitting’.

Once the process of the splitting has occurred, two or more personalities can live within the same body, each one completely unaware that the others exist. The MKULTRA victim is a fractured mirror with a cracked center.

Meet Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal, Shaq’s alter ego.

Shaq introduced to the world the female black transsexuals dance group known as the PRANCING ELITES.

White parents in Alabama call them “filth,” but the Prancing Elites dance troupe may one day be as popular as jazz and Shaquille O’Neal.” By Nathan C. Martin reported on Jan 21 2014.

..(Shaq).. Twitter feed is relentlessly entertaining and followed by millions, and one day last June he tweeted “SHAQTIN A FOOL PRESENTS. THESE DUDES B JAMMIN” with a link to this video of the Elites. It spread wildly through cyberspace, surfacing on such disparate sites as Perez Hilton and Fox Sports. After seven years of posting videos online that rarely reached beyond pockets of black gay communities in the South, the dance troupe’s social media inboxes began to swell with requests for interviews and shows, as well as enthusiastic well-wishing from new admirers across the globe.

Shaq twitted this video out for the red blooded mainly heterosexual NBA fans to see and public interest in making these queers reality stars ensued. PRANCING ELITES is Shaq’s gift to world.

Did Shaq get mind butched inside a Judeo-Masonry lodge?

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