Pony Fetish Festival Is Where Nightmares Are Made.

June 28, 2018 Rollie Quaid 0 Comments Edit

Down in “N’Awlins” they have a fetish is called “Pony Play Down In New Orleans.”

The Wizard of Odd TV crew went down in the saddle to New Orleans to meet up at a Ponies that are donning everything from mouth gags and face masks to latex, leather, fishnets, whips and chains, the ‘Ponies on the Delta’ club compete in show-jumping events dressed in head to toe horse gear.

Ponies not only dress like horses, but mimic their movements and neigh  sounds.


pony 3
BBW Ponies.


Some of the events including sprints, cart races, and obstacle course competitions.

One the Ponies explains ” We live like ordinary people from Monday to Friday…” But on the weekend they spend their time horsing around in full pony fetish wear and competing for prizes.

Looks like my elementary school gym coach, Mr. Pringle.


Wizard of Odd TV:

Ever feel the burning desire to don a leather horse outfit and let a human handler parade you around like an actual horse, all for the purposes of living out BDSM sexual fantasies?

If so, you’ll fit right in at one of the pony play festivals.

“These events are very competitive, just like a regular horse show event,” says one of the participants.

“The competition gets pretty crazy sometimes,” he says, before explaining “When ponies put on their gear, it puts them into what they call ‘pony space.’”

Go higher Huey Lewis to get the gold!



“Our outfits that we make are based off of bio horse equipment or made from horse equipment that’s been rearranged to fit humans.”

“It can get pretty costly, so people are very proud of the outfits they put together.”

Misbehaving mare Pony Whinn, who enjoys deviating from the course, said: “When I’m in pony play, I’m pretty free and wild.

“I enjoy kicking the cart and giving my rider a really hard time, so they have to try and get us to obey.

“I’m free, I run around, I gallop, I jump, I nuzzle – and I get the head-scratches.”

“We’re very normal, vanilla, upright taxpaying citizens Monday through Friday, so to get to go out and pretend to be something else for the weekend is so much fun.

“It’s about expressing your inner personality.

“When you get the chance to come out here and enjoy what you’re doing, while being around others doing the same thing, it gives you freedom to be weird.”

“At this fetish festival, people dress up as latex ponies” by Jana Kolbe. Reported on June 24, 2018.

The “Human Pony Play” comes from the fetish scene. The rider takes care of his horse sacrificially, but sets the tone and dominates his “pony”. The person disguised as a horse behaves like an animal during the role play. The “pony” grabs the hooves, snorts and enjoys stroking, but must obey its owner, otherwise there are consequences.

Hamburg, Germany’s famous Reeperbahn.

Also in Germany there are smaller festivals.

At the Pony Play Festivals, hundreds of role-players meet and can pursue their passion undisturbed . Also in Germany again and again similar festivals take place on a smaller scale. In Berlin there is even a monthly regulars’ table for pet players who can talk to each other. Many dress up not only as ponies, but also as cats or dogs.

N’Awlins Ponies reminds me of Furries!

Thank God the Allies crushed the Evil Na-Zees so we can all dress up like Furries and play N’Awlins Ponies in a Weimar fashion Republic in Western nations!




pony 8

Either way I am fighting a war against the mainstream media!

I have no money for sources. If you miss my investigative journalism reports please fund me and tell me what you want me to research.


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