There could be more deadly Novichok poison in Salisbury

There could be more deadly Novichok poison in Salisbury Share this article via facebookShare this article via twitter 68 SHARES Latest from» Love Island final results: Jack and Dani are crowned champions – obviously Teenagers ‘covered disabled woman in flour and eggs then posed for picture’ Martine Berg Olsen Sunday 29 Jul 2018 7:16 pm Investigators believe there could be more deadly Novichok poison in Salisbury. Counter terror police reportedly believe at least two teams of Russian hitmen were responsible for poisoning Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia with the nerve agent in March. They are said to be working on a theory that one team planted the poison before a second group arrived to administer the nerve agent, which eventually led to the death of Dawn Sturgess in July. Investigators think there can be more Novichok poison in Salisbury (Picture: AFP/Getty Images) Dawn was poisoned after her boyfriend Charlie Rowley, 45, found an ‘expensive-looking’ bottle with Novichok disguised as perfume. ADVERTISEMENT The 44-year-old sprayed the substance on her wrists before falling ill 15 minutes later. She died in hospital a week later. Officials suggests the hitmen sealed the poison in a perfume bottle to get it into the UK for the attack on Skripal. The fact that the bottle was in a sealed box means it was not the agent left on Skripal’s door, causing fear that something else is still out there. Officials fear the nerve agent was brought to the UK to poison ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia (Picture: Rex Features) Dawn Sturgess died after being exposed to a nerve agent in Amesbury (Picture: AFP/Getty Images) A Whitehall source told the Mirror: ‘The net keeps widening, they almost can’t predict what’s going to turn up next. ‘The suggestion this didn’t come from Russia is almost laughable. Harry Kane fivers worth £50,000 are now in circulation somewhere in Britain ‘If this bottle was sealed it means they used another on the Skripals’ front door. Where the other one is could be anyone’s guess.’ Public Health England have warned people in Wiltshire to steer clear of any unidentified containers. Public Health England has warned people in the area against picking up unidentified containers (Picture: AFP/Getty Images) It said: ‘If you did not drop it, do not pick it up.’ Dawn will be honoured on Monday at a crematorium service in Salisbury. Special health measures will be in place to keep mourners safe at the funeral and her coffin will already be in place when people arrive. ADVERTISEMENT Investigators may have identified two people in connected with the attempted assassination of ex-spy Skripal through CCTV facial recognition.

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