Jews FURIOUS at timing of Corbyn’s anti-Semitism statement as he breaks silence on Sabbath

Jews FURIOUS at timing of Corbyn’s anti-Semitism statement as he breaks silence on Sabbath

JEWISH leaders have reacted with outrage to Jeremy Corbyn’s response to Labour party’s anti-Semitism problem, as they accused him of cowardice for writing his response to the ongoing crisis on the Sabbath.


00:13, Sat, Aug 4, 2018 | UPDATED: 16:10, Sat, Aug 4, 2018


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The opposition leader broke his silence on the claims of anti-Semitism within his party on Friday night in a column for a national newspaper.

However, the timing of the publication of his statement has been criticised by some prominent Jews who argue Jewish community leaders will have been unable to respond to his remarks in time for the Saturday newspapers because they will have been preparing for their Friday evening service.

The article in Saturday’s Guardian also means many Jews will not see the article as some Orthodox Jews do not use electricity from Sunset on Friday until Saturday night.

The editor of The Jewish Chronicle, Stephen Pollard, tweeted: “So keen is Corbyn to engage with Jews that he publishes this (awful) piece on a Friday night, for a Saturday paper.


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Jeremy Corbyn ADMITS failure over anti-Semitism

“So not a single observant Jew can engage with it.”

After more than a fortnight of escalating tensions in Labour over the party’s handling of anti-Semitism, Mr Corbyn attempted to address the problem.

Admitting there is a “real problem” of anti-Semitism in his party, the politician said he wanted members of the Jewish community to feel safe to engage with Labour.

He wrote: “I want Jewish people to feel at home in the Labour party and be able to play their full part in our work to take our country forward.

Jeremy Corbyn’s anti-Semitism article has caused fury among Jews (Image: GETTY)

The editor of the Jewish Chronicle was angry at the timing of the article (Image: TWITTER)


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