Third Suspect Arrested in Connection with NSW Drug Syndicate

Third Suspect Arrested in Connection with NSW Drug Syndicate
Posted by: C. Aliens August 9, 2018 in Featured, News Updates 1 Comment

Not long after suspected drug trafficker Dov Tenenboim named his accomplices in an Australian courtroom, Australia’s Strike Force Bergmark arrested yet another alleged member of the drug trafficking syndicate that had imported more than a million dollars worth of drugs from Europe. The police, in late July, arrested Daniel Sopher—the third member of the darknet drug trafficking group operating out of the Eastern Suburbs.
Earlier this year, after Australian officials established Strike Force Bergmark to bust other members of the syndicate. The taskforce arrested two men: former classmates Dov Tenenboim and Chaim Goldstein and charged them with a connection total of almost 50 drug trafficking, importation, and possession charges. The police accused the schoolmates of spreading drugs throughout NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia, and Southern Australia.
During the arrest of the first two suspects, Australian authorities made one of the largest cryptocurrency seizures in Australian history; Strike Force Bergmark seized almost $350,000 in Bitcoin from Tenenboim. Tenenboim also had more than $70,000 in cash, valuable jewelry, and assorted computer equipment at his Vaucluse luxury apartment. Law enforcement hit Tenenboim with 45 counts of drug related crimes and focused primarily on MDMA and ketamine.

The police had collected evidence that indicated Tenenboim had been regularly ordering packages of MDMA, packages of cocaine, and packages of ketamine. He had the packages shipped to dozens of suburbs and made sure the drugs were moved in units of 300 grams each.
Although their social media accounts painted them as equals, Tenenboim and Goldstein were far from equal inside the alleged drug trafficking syndicate. The court accused Tenenboim of running the enterprise and charged him with more than 40 counts of drug trafficking crimes. Goldstein, though, received only three counts of supplying prohibited drugs. The court also accepted Goldstein’s bail request and allowed him to stay with his parents while awaiting trial.
Sopher, the most recently arrested man from Rose Bay, allegedly distributed almost two kilograms of cocaine in 2017 that he had obtained through Tenenboim. Police charged him with supplying cocaine and knowingly participating in the criminal enterprise led by Tenenboim. At Waverly Local Court, Magistrate Lisa Stapleton granted his bail allowing him conditional freedom until his next court date in September. His conditional release requires him to check in with local police on a daily basis. Although Sopher has not been accused of crimes to the same degree as the alleged criminal mastermind (Tenenboim), officials still considered Sopher a serious flight risk. He handed his passport over to the police as part of his bail agreement.

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