God behind Trump’s attempts to slow down New World Order’s ‘evil agenda’(Not my personal Theory)

God behind Trump’s attempts to slow down New World Order’s ‘evil agenda’


(I didn’t write this is some guy’s theory)@@@@@@@@@


The Toronto Star editorial (Trump’s attacks on free press, Aug. 7 News) proves how far some will go to discredit the U.S. president. A more honest headline would have revealed an attack on a very biased press. In the first paragraph, alone, there were four examples of fake news:

Trump’s Helsinki meeting with Putin was not a love-fest; it was an opportunity to build a joint strategy to deal with the New World Order, which both oppose.

The all-caps Twitter attack was Trump’s clear message to Iran, the most dangerous terrorist state, that it will no longer be allowed to create havoc in the Middle East. Regime change is on the way.

The European Union is not just labelled a “foe”; it is opposed to democratic, sovereign states. The E.U. is the first stage toward a one-world government. Just ask the British how difficult it has been to get out of the E.U.’s clutches with Brexit.

And, yes, Canada is a threat to America’s security, just as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a threat to Canadian democracy and our economy. Trudeau is a puppet of the New World Order. In 2016, Trudeau stated he wanted Canada to be the first post-nation state, with open borders, and ready to give up its sovereignty to be part of a future one-world government. Manitobans and Quebecers have witnessed the first real signs of this with the unregulated entry of hundreds of refugees crossing our border.

Before we hear any more fake news about the American president, Canadians would be wise to read Conrad Black’s new book, Donald J. Trump: A president like no other. Reading Black’s detailed account of the massive lies, deceptions, and shenanigans aimed at keeping Trump out of the White House, it is clear that no mere mortal could overcome such an assault without the miraculous support of Almighty God.

Trump’s opponents are, in many ways, like the builders of the Tower of Babel in the Book of Genesis. God dealt with their rebelliousness by scattering them across the whole earth and giving them different languages and cultures. God is clearly not a supporter of one-world government. He will, however, eventually allow one to accommodate the coming of the Antichrist and the final battle between His Son and the Devil in the Book of Revelation.In the meantime, God is engineering Trump’scircumstances in order to slow down the New World Order’s evil agenda as well as give His Son’s Church more time to get its act together and avoid the growing Apostasy and falling away.

John Stanley

Medicine Hat

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