Trump’s rallies hint of Nazi Germany (not my theory)

Trump’s rallies hint of Nazi Germany

Eugene Pfaff 22 hrs ago (6)






The Nuremberg-style rallies for Trump encourage denunciation of and violence against the media and violation of the Bill of Rights by a howling mob of rabid fanatics, whose obscene gestures resemble the upraised-arm salute of Hitler’s followers. His rants reveal an unconcern for American principles and an attempt to prevent revelation of the illegal activities of himself, his family and his cronies to plunder the American government.

Trump’s mental instability and immorality encourage such behavior through deliberate lies, more than 4,000 to date, with an average of 7.3 daily. He has cowed a Republican-dominated Congress, fearful of the sinister power of Trump’s “base” — as was the Reichstag by Hitler’s minions. Trump has presented our country as racist, misogynist and xenophobic to a world that no longer admires America, and geopolitics is threatened by Trump-like dictators.

He has done irrevocable harm to our democratic society through authoritarian executive orders and control of an administration rife with corruption and contempt for democratic processes. Our society cannot long tolerate this neofascist. Even if Trump is defeated by election or impeachment, America’s legacy may become that of Nazi Germany.

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