School Shuts Down For Transgender Child Accused Of Peeping

School Shuts Down For Transgender Child Accused Of Peeping

The Transgender Kid Was Called A Peeping Tom But Its Mother Is Playing The Victim Anyway.

Shane Trejoabout 19 hours ago

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Law enforcement agents and school administrators decided to shut down an Oklahoma middle school to accommodate a transgender child who was accused of peeping into the bathroom stalls of “her” classmates.

“She’s been living as female for years– she started at Achille as Maddie,” Maddie’s mother Brandy Rose said. “We had no problems when we first started.”

Nobody seemed to have a problem with Maddie until students caught “her” peering into the stalls of her classmates. Her mother, clearly an enabler of her child’s immoral and degenerate behavior, makes absurd excuses for the depraved behavior of her “daughter.”

“My daughter leans very far forward to use the bathroom,” Rose said. “I can understand why someone seeing her lean forward would think, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s trying to look under.’”

Maddie was banned from the school bathroom because of these complaints, but “she” was not punished for “her” behavior. The school accomodated “her” and “she” began to use the staff bathroom. But Maddie couldn’t help “herself.” “She” just had to go back to the public bathroom to sneak another peek.

And “her” mom yet again made some lame excuses.

“She hadn’t been told where the staff bathroom was. Before she was able to be told, she had to pee, so she used the girls bathroom one single time,” Rose said.

Some parents found out about what had happened, and a fervor started over social media. The people of Oklahoma were not as thrilled about the pattern of predatory behavior from this student and how it was evidently being enabled by the school. This caused Maddie’s mother to play the victim and complain of cyber-bullying.

“She’s an awesome kid. To see any fear in her, I can’t explain how bad that hurts me for them to hurt her,” Rose said.

Of course, the school yet again scurried to comply with the demands of this damaged child and her enabling neglectful mother. School administrators closed down public schools for two days this week at the behest of the local sheriff’s office, and the FBI is even looking to charge people who expressed their opinions with hate crimes.

As usual, the corrupted institutions of America are focused on harboring and excusing degeneracy even if it means putting the privacy and safety of normal, decent children at risk.

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