Known conspiracy theorist shot under mysterious circumstances

Known conspiracy theorist shot under mysterious circumstances


The woman was engaged in administering conspiracy website.

This summer has suddenly become unavailable conspiracy forum conspiracyoutpost (COP). Its creators and moderators were American with the nickname Cinnamon and the Englishman with the nickname Shep.

Was carried out on site – discussing important topics that concerned both the US and the world. In the discussion participated Mr. Hal Turner. After the closure of the site administrators were some time page in Twitter.

In the last message says that a U.S. citizen was shot to Cinnamon, though in the face of firearms. Now the woman is in a serious condition in hospital. The details of her condition be announced later.

Many may think that it’s just a coincidence. However, recently many accounts were closed without any explanation. This fact makes one wonder. It is not excluded that the world is ready for something serious, about which nobody needs to know anything. And those who are able to tell the truth, just kill.

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