SadaquaCoins is a Dark Web Crowdsourcing Project Setup For the Mujahideen Community

SadaquaCoins is a Dark Web Crowdsourcing Project Setup For the Mujahideen Community

August 25, 2018

The Mujahideen community is working to find ways to purchase weaponry and related equipment in the effort to fight against those who are not in favor of Islam. To help them with their crowdsourcing efforts, they have developed a project called SadaquaCoins, and they are requesting donations to the project, since they do not know much about crowdsourcing.

To invite individuals to the project, a tweet from the community was posted, saying,

“anyone who wants to anonymously fund the Mujahidin is welcomed to do so on the dark web.” Their post also included an image of the crusaders for this effort, who were holding up a banner. On the banner, the first line says, “Never will you attain the good (reward) until you spend (in the way of Allah) from that which you love. And whatever you spend — indeed, Allah is Knowing of it.”

The only way that this project is accessible is with the use of the tor browser, and, even then, the individual had to go through the onion link for the project (sadaquabmnor4ufnj.onion). Between the use of cryptocurrency and the decision to post the crowdfunding project on the dark web, the Jihadi movement has gained traction and become more successful.

One of the most unique parts of this website is that there is a way for financial requirements to be met for multiple projects beyond Jihad activities, like projects from Mujahidin, Mauhajirin, and Ansar.

Each page promotes their own projects that consumers can pay to fund with Bitcoin, Monero, and Ethereum. Additional tokens may be added in the future, “if Allah wills.” Based on the claims of the Mujahideen, contributors will be helping them to cover equipment like a 4×4 pickup vehicle, a .50 bolt action rifle, silencer, camera, wind reader, and other items. They will also help to equip existing items, supporting the expansion of the website, or even paying for translation services.

To protect these funds from being hacked by outsiders, the group has managed to purchase hardware wallets, which means that they cannot be accessed when they are not online anyway. The only downside with transferring funds onto the dark web is the fact that Bitcoin donations are public, which means there is some risk involved. With Monero, the only way for authorities to find traceable information is with the exploration of hashes, but this process does not reveal their addresses.

As new as cryptocurrency is, it is still impressive that the agencies in charge of counter-terrorism have been working to improve their investigations with cybercrime and crypto. If contributors are not careful, they could be legally tied into a group that they do not want publicized

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