Secret Rollie File, for unknown user.

Danny Casolaro was close to breaking a story that he referred to “what he called the story of the century: “a web conspiracies that went all the way to the top that he referred to as the “Octopus.”
The “Octopus” conspiracy was were top-level government officials were all tied together in a host of sinister operations: the BCCI (the Bank of Credit and Commerce International) scandal and the so-called October Surprise plot, an alleged effort by the Reagan-Bush campaign to delay the freeing of the American hostages in Iran as a means of sabotaging Jimmy Carter’s 1980 presidential reelection campaign and the the Iran-contra affair.
Peter Dale Scott noted in a poem/article a year or two ago how Casolaro had made a note to go meet him in the days before his death. That’s interesting, but perhaps it’s a good thing that Scott wasn’t dragged into it.
According to John Connolly of Spy, Casolaro worked for two years in the late 1970s on an alternative explanation for Watergate. According to Emma Best..
Evidence compiled from Federal Bureau of Investigation files, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s notes, statements from Deep Throat, along with Congressional testimony and the files of Senate investigators, all implicate journalist Jack Anderson as having helped set up Watergate – or at least having foreknowledge of it and benefiting from it.
According to an FBI memo, Danny Casolaro contacted the FBI with copies of two letters that had been written to the Democratic National Committee warning them of Watergate break-in type activity. The Bureau essentially shrugged this off, noting that Casolaro’s theory was that the Watergate was a setup to embarrass the White House, and that Casolaro suspected Watergate burglar and former Central Intelligence Agency officer E. Howard Hunt.
…link first suggested itself in the notes of Woodward and Bernstein of the October 9th, 1972 meeting with Deep Throat/X/Mark Felt. (While evidence strongly suggests Deep Throat was a dramatized composite of multiple sources rather than simply Felt, for the moment we will take Woodward and Bernstein’s word for the fact that this meeting was with Mark Felt.)

Danny got the idea “The Octopus” from Dan E. Moldea’s “DARK VICTORY, Ronald Reagan, MCA, and the Mob,”unholy alliance “The Octopus” in his book. [Julius Stein’s mob connected The Music Corporation of America (MCA corp–originally from Chicago–also called “The Octopus”) dominated Hollywood television & film– played a big role in this story & Ronald Reagan’s Presidential Rise.]
Manichur Ghorbanifar, Adnan Khashoggi, and Richard Armitage brokered the transaction of Promis software to Sheik Klahid bin Mahfouz (BCCI director) for resale and general distribution as gifts in his region.
Seymour said..
Turner later admitted to police that he had indeed met with Danny on August 9th, but at that time he refused to specify what time and would not describe what was in the papers he delivered to Danny. I later learned that Turner had been investigating discrepancies involving his former employer, Hughes Aircraft Company. The documents he had delivered from his safe to Danny had been sealed, with Casolaro’s name written across the seal, and he claimed not to have known what they contained. Nevertheless, it is feasible to assume that Turner may have known who Danny was preparing to meet that evening at the Martinsburg Hotel because, for reasons of his own, Turner apparently wanted Danny to show the Hughes Aircraft documents to whoever he was meeting with.
Turner later noted to reporters that he was “scared shitless” about information he had seen connecting Ollie North and BCCI. “I saw papers from Danny that connected back through the Keating Five and Silverado [the failed Denver S & L where Neil Bush had been an officer],” he said.
The exact nature and extent of Casolaro’s Octopus, or whether it existed at all has been subject to much debate and speculation since.
James Ridgeway and Douglas Vaughn of The Village Voice, used an unnamed friend of Casolaro’s as source “Danny wasn’t an investigative reporter … He was a poet.”
That statement will be echoed throughout the media finds when ever investiagating Danny, he was an investigative reporter in some shape or manner his whole career.
Danny’s death be connected to Ted Shackley’s “Secret Team” who worked for George H. W. Bush in their campaign to remove Jimmy Carter from office
Months after Danny’s death a host of news organizations had already taken the allegations seriously enough to launch full-scale investigations of their own, into Inslaw affair which was already front page news from 1987 until late November, 1992 a young couple named the Clintons from Little Rock stole the headlines.
What is Promis.?
The PROMIS software company named Inslaw which sold a legal case-tracking solution called PROMIS (Prosecutor’s Management Information System) to the federal government. Uncle Sam refused to pay Inslaw and pushed the company into bankruptcy. This did little to stop American and Israeli intelligence agencies from selling roughly $500 million in pirated copies of PROMIS to other intelligence agencies. As you might have guessed the pirated copy of PROMIS had a back door installed that enabled remote monitoring
PROMIS was the granddaddy of all hacking technology, athough long ago surpassed by cyber-espionage software developed by the NSA, DARPA and their Silicon Valley contractors. The prosecutors’ code was originally created by Washington-based INSLAW company owned by William Hamilton to translate different computer languages at DOJ/FBI field offices and unify them into a single reporting system. Interfacing, however, was only the start, because the software could be adapted for data-processing for accounting purposes by banks and tax agencies, and also for the darker more profitable task of breaking into and stealing private accounts.
The Justice Department’s alleged theft of software from a computer company called Inslaw, the software was called PROMIS. The US Justice Department had was ruled to have obtained a copy of Promis illegally and the resulting lawsuit from Inslaw, the proprietor. According to Casolaro, it was Reagan cronu (Meese) used the US Justice department to steal PROMIS from its developers, the Inslaw group, even after two congressional committees eventually agreed, however, that Inslaw was the legal private owner of PROMIS when the US Justice department.
PROMIS was designed as a case-management system for prosecutors, the software had the ability to track people. “Every use of PROMIS in the court system is tracking people,” said Inslaw President Hamilton. “You can rotate the file by case, defendant, arresting officer, judge, defense lawyer, and it’s tracking all the names of all the people in all the cases.”
Promis is the Rosetta stone of computer languages before the Prism program. It shows the stoke of genius of Hamilton was create a software program that could access files in any number of databases and programming languages and translate and then unify them into one consistent file.
Bugged Computer Software – Ari Ben-Menashe – Peter Myers; date October 26, 2000.

Inslaw program would be able to cross-check various court actions and, through cross-referencing, find a common denominator. For example, if a wanted person moved to a new state and established a new identity before being arrested, the program would search out aspects of his life and cases he had been involved in and match them up. Hamilton put his knowledge to use in Inslaw, and when his bosses at NSA found out, they were not at all happy. Their argument was that as an employee of the agency, he had no right to take knowledge gleaned there to another organization. By 1981 Hamilton came up with an enhanced program. What he had actually done was given birth to a monster. Inslaw was turned into a profit-making organization, and Hamilton copyrighted his enhanced version.

Author Richard L. Fricker wrote on January 1, 1993 in a Wired article titled “The INSLAW Octopus.”

PROMIS can provide a complete rundown of all federal cases in which a lawyer has been involved, or all the cases in which a lawyer has represented defendant A, or all the cases in which a lawyer has represented white-collar criminals, at which stage in each of the cases the lawyer agreed to a plea bargain, and so on. Based on this information, PROMIS can help a prosecutor determine when a plea will be taken in a particular type of case.
But the real power of PROMIS, according to Hamilton, is that with a staggering 570,000 lines of computer code, PROMIS can integrate innumerable databases without requiring any reprogramming. In essence, PROMIS can turn blind data into information. And anyone in government will tell you that information, when wielded with finesse, begets power. Converted to use by intelligence agencies, as has been alleged in interviews by ex-CIA and Israeli Mossad agents, PROMIS can be a powerful tracking device capable of monitoring intelligence operations, agents and targets, instead of legal cases.
It should be no surprise that Israel got a hold of the software, but it was more than precusing Palestians or as libby WIRED puts it “Israel has reportedly used PROMIS to track troublesome Palestinians.”
Juval Aviv Israel bombed Osriak Nuclear Reactor in Iraq in 1981, Iraq was using Inslaw radars..he Vengeance
Meese, used the modified the software, not only intelligence but financial uses and made millions by selling it to the governments of Israel, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and other friendly nations. After the installation of a CIA-created “back door” into the program, Israel, using its lifelong Mossad agent Robert Maxwell, reportedly sold the software to “unfriendly” nations and then secretly retrieved priceless intelligence data.
Bugged Computer Software – Ari Ben-Menashe – Peter Myers; date October 26, 2000.
“By dialing into the central computer of any foreign intelligence agency using Promis, an Israeli agent with a modem need only type in certain secret code words to gain access. Then he could ask for information on the person and get it all on his computer screen.”
The man that who blow the whisole on the Iran-Contras scandal by tipoff to an obscure Lebanese magazine about the whole affair, name was Ari BenMenasche, who diffently had Mossad ties. reached out to Bill Hamilton who had been in daily contact with Casolaro until about a week prior to his death. According to Seymour.
Menasche claimed that two FBI agents from Lexington, Kentucky, had embarked on a trip to Martinsburg to meet Casolaro as part of their investigation of the sale of the PROMISE software to Israel and other intelligence agencies. Ben Menasche told Hamilton that one of the FBI agents, E.B. Cartinhour, was disaffected because his superiors had refused to indict high Reagan officials for their role in the October Surprise. Ben Menasche claimed the agents were prepared to give Casolaro proof that the FBI was illegally using PROMISE software.
It is highly unlikely that the two FBI agents were en-route to Martinsburg to GIVE anything to Casolaro, but they may well have been on their way to obtain HIS documents and those belonging to Bill Turner. If, in fact, Danny had disclosed to any one of the many “sources” he had developed during his investigation, that he was turning over his documents to the Lexington FBI, that may well have alarmed a few of them.
Ari Ben-Menashe in his 1992 book “Profits of War: Inside the Secret U.S.-Israeli Arms Network, ” documents Robert Maxwell’s (and Rafael Eitan) involvement in PROMIS on page 129.
One of Eitan’s pet projects was an anti-terrorist scheme involving a sinister, Big Brother-like computer program named Promls. It was through Eitan that I became involved in it. This was not Joint Committee work, per se, but many of the same people who worked on our arms-to-Iran operation worked on Promls also. The most prominent of these was British medla baron Robert Maxwell, who made a fortune out of it. Through some of his companies, the Israelis and the Americans were eventually able to tap into the secrets of numerous intelligence networks around the world – including Britain, Canada, Australia, and many
{p. 130} others – and set into motion the arrest, torture, and murder of thousands of lnnocent people in the name of “antiterrorism.”
Ben-Menashe was a “troubleshooter” for former prime minister Yitzhak Shamir. He was also used as a key source by Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist Seymour Hersh for his book about Israel’s nuclear weapons, “The Samson Option: Israel, America and the Bomb.”
Sir Robert Maxwell was a Czech-born British media mogul who owned the Daily Mirror and was a Member of Parliament. Less remembered is that he was his claudisnte for both the U.K. and Israel, and Maxwell tipped off the Israeli embassy in 1986 about Israeli nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu who blow the whisle on Israel’s nuclear program which lead to him being abducted by the Mossad.
Maxwell had links to criminals who dealt in illegal arms, prostitution, money laundering, drugs, and contract killings—all of whom used Maxwell to launder their profits–PROMIS didn’t only can in handy to DOJ but criminals with Mossad ties too.
Emma Best of Muck Rock reported on June 28, 2017 about Maxwell being used to buck the NSA for the bestied of the CIA in an Edward Snowden-like famous.
Maxwell played a role in Israel’s modification and distribution of the PROMIS software and modified hardware that was being distributed simultaneous to Maxwell’s efforts to globally distribute computers and computer services. As previously discussed, CIA and NSA’s early efforts to exploit commercial online databases dated back to the 1980s. Before even those efforts, Maxwell’s company was working with the U.S. government.
Bugged Computer Software – Ari Ben-Menashe – Peter Myers; date October 26, 2000.
The CIA group that was to use Promis had not handed the program back to the NSA to have the trap door fitted by them for the simple reason that they didn’t want the NSA to know about it – interagency competition was fierce. Only this small CIA group, headed by Robert Gates – who was to become head of the Central Intelligence Agency in October 1991 – was in on the secret. So we now had a small group in Israel and a small group in the U.S. that knew about the trap door.
The next step for both Israel and the United States was to find a neutral company through which the doctored Promis program could be sold. It was agreed that the head of the company had to be a man who could be trusted to keep intelligence secrets, who had contacts with both Western and East Bloc countries and who had a respected businessman’s image. The man they came up with was Robert Maxwell.
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, reported on September 2003
..(Maxwell).. offered a position with British MI6 as a “super contact person.” Maxwell did not accept the offer, however, and was soon classified by MI6 as a “Zionist—loyal only to Israel” and a person to be watched.
When asked to spy for Israel’s Mossad, Israel’s CIA, Maxwell eagerly accepted because of his great love for Israel—although the money he made in Israel was also to his liking. Following a visit to Israel Maxwell said that he had traveled everywhere in the world and Israel was the only place where he felt at home. In Israel he found the faith he thought he had lost. Viewing himself as a savior of Israel’s ailing industries, he shrewdly bought ailing Israeli companies and turned them into successful enterprises. Some of the companies became covers for Mossad. Maxwell also used his many contacts in the Russian government to work tirelessly to enable Russian Jews to immigrate to Israel.
British journalist and author Gordon Thomas authored “The Assassination of Robert Maxwell: Israel’s Superspy” and in early 1999, Gordon Thomas, published an authorized history of the Israeli Mossad entitled “Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad”. This goes into great detail admissions by the former long-time deputy director of the Mossad about the partnership with Israeli and U.S. intelligence in selling in excess of $500 million worth of licenses to a Trojan horse version of PROMIS to foreign intelligence agencies in order to spy on them.
His first client was Robert Mugabe with PROMIS so Mugabe it would enable him to track the remaining white tobacco farmers in the country.
Michael Riconosciuto is well-known in certain government circles for his involvement in the installation of a back door into a software program called PROMIS. Riconosciuto received credit for modifing PROMIS to monitor intelligence operations, agents and targets, instead of legal cases. But according to Ari Ben-Menashe, it was Yehuda Ben-Hanan and not the Methhead Riconosciuto
Rafi Eitan did not want to risk having a trap door developed in Israel. Word might leak back that the Israelis had been bugging software and then handing it out to others. He didn’t even suggest that the NSA develop the trap door because he had a great sense of national pride. As far as he was concerned, it was Israel’s idea and would remain so. Yet it still had to be kept secret. Eitan decided it would be best if a computer whiz could be found outside the country.

I knew just the man for the job. Yehuda Ben-Hanan ran a small computer company of his own called Software and Engineering Consultants, based in Chatsworth, California. I had grown up with him, but I didn’t want him to know that I was scouting him for a possible job. I had to sound him out, to find out if he was a blabbermouth.
Link above is from the play “DANNY CASOLARO DIED FOR YOU.”
Riconosciuto was Danny’s supposed source to have about to break a story that he had been pursuing for more than a year, a story about a global conspiracy that tied together several scandals and alleged scandals — the Iran-contra affair, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, the Justice Department’s which the theft of software from a computer company called Inslaw.
Casolaro to Riconosciuto was an affidavit signed by Riconosciuto claiming that when he worked on the Wackenhut Cabazon project, he was given a copy of the Inslaw software by Earl Brian for modification. Riconosciuto also swore that Peter Videnieks, a Justice Department official associated with the Inslaw contract, had visited the Wackenhut Cabazon project with Earl Brian.

Riconosciuto claimed to have modified Inslaw’s software at the Justice Department’s request, so that it could be sold to dozens of foreign governments with a secret “back door” feature that allowed outsiders to access computer systems using PROMIS.
Wackenhut Corporation “made inroads” into the methamphetamine operation. A man named Richard Knozzi allegedly headed major government sanctioned meth laboratories in Fresno, Madera and Mariposa counties. A man named Al Holbert, a former Israeli intelligence officer with U.S. citizenship, was the liaison or connection between the Knozzi operation and the U.S. government.
On Feburary 1983, Bill Hamilton gave a presentation of PROMIS to Dr. Ben Orr , Inslaw’s cream of the crop software. At the time of his visit, Orr identified himself to be a public prosecutor from Israel.
Author Richard L. Fricker wrote on January 1, 1993 in a Wired magaize pieace titled “The INSLAW Octopus.”
Orr was impressed with the power of PROMIS (Prosecutors Management Information Systems), which had recently been updated by Inslaw to run on powerful 32-bit VAX computers from Digital Equipment Corp. “He fell in love with the VAX version,” Hamilton recalled.
Dr. Orr never came back, and he never bought anything. No one knew why at the time.
….Department of Justice documents record that one Dr. Ben Orr left the DOJ on May 6, 1983, with a computer tape containing PROMIS tucked under his arm.
Rafael Etian, who original blow the Whistile on the PROMIS was chief of the Israeli defense force’s anti-terrorism intelligence unit and told Dr. Orr to gain the software.
According to Federal court documents, PROMIS was stolen from Inslaw by the Department of Justice directly after Etian’s 1983 visit to Inslaw (a later congressional investigation preferred to use the word “misappropriated”). And according to sworn affidavits, PROMIS was then given or sold at a profit to Israel and as many as 80 other countries by Dr. Earl W. Brian, a man with close personal and business ties to then-President Ronald Reagan and then-Presidential counsel Edwin Meese.
Dr. Earl Brian, crony to Reagan’s attorney general Ed Meese.
..according to sworn affidavits, PROMIS was then given or sold at a profit to Israel and as many as 80 other countries by Dr. Earl W. Brian…
According to Corn, Riconosciuto “asserted that he and [Earl] Brian had traveled to Iran in 1980 and paid $40 million to Iranian officials to persuade them not to let the hostages go before the presidential election.” (Corn, 512) For his help in the so-called “October Surprise”, Brian was allegedly allowed to profit from the illegal pirating of the PROMIS system. (Corn also notes that Brian, a close friend of Attorney General Ed Meese, denied any involvement in the October Surprise or the Inslaw case).
Brian had been given PROMIS to for being a good poodle by selling for paying off Ayatollah Khomeini to hold on to American hostages until the Carter presidential re-election campaign clearly was doomed.
Imagine you are in charge of the legal arm of the most powerful government on the face of the globe, but your internal information systems are mired in the archaic technology of the 1960s. There’s a Department of Justice database, a CIA database, an Attorney’s General database, an IRS database, and so on, but none of them can share information. That makes tracking multiple offenders pretty darn difficult, and building cases against them a long and bureaucratic task.
Along comes a computer program that can integrate all these databases, and it turns out its development was originally funded by the government under a Law Enforcement Assistance Administration grant in the 1970s. That means the software is public domain … free!
According to Casolaro, it was Meese used the US Justice department to steal PROMIS from its developers, the Inslaw group, even after two congressional committees eventually agreed, however, that Inslaw was the legal private owner of PROMIS when the US Justice department.
Inslaw agreed to this contract modification, but on two conditions: that the DOJ recognize Inslaw’s proprietary rights to enhanced PROMIS, and that the DOJ not distribute enhanced PROMIS beyond the boundaries of the contract (the 94 US Attorney’s offices.)
Andrew Griffin
Jackson Stephens Sr. is a big-money man from Arkansas. A top donor to the Reagan and George H.W. Bush campaigns, he suddenly switched to Clinton in 1990. He brought BCCI to US shores in 1979 and helped to launder cocaine profits from CIA drug smuggling in Mena, Arkansas and elsewhere.
The Stephens’ software firm Systematics was to become the nation’s biggest supplier of back-office banking software, and would eventually work closely with the National Security Agency to facilitate intelligence monitoring of banking transactions.
[With partners, Jackson acquired equity in banks in Arkansas & Asia]
This propitious union came about just as the Mena, Arkansas, drug-and-arms trade was creating a vast local demand for money-laundering services. At the Asian end, with Mochtar Riady, Stephens purchased Seng Heng Bank in Macao, the “Oriental Las Vegas”, where gambling is the primary source of government revenue. Stephens’ Systematics supplied software to the Banco Nacional Ultramarino, the cashier and treasury bank of the Macao government and the bank that issues the local currency. (Macao is located less than 40 miles from Hong Kong, the center for heroin trade.)
Vince Foster, the late White House Special Counsel and law partner of Hillary Clinton, as the overseer of a National Security Agency project to install the modified PROMIS in the banking industry. This was done through Foster’s involvement with the Arkansas bank data company Systematics, a company connected with the NSA and CIA.
George Bush and Caspar Weinberger made their own deal with the Iranians to delay the hostage release till after the election. Israel mediated this deal, and, after Ronald Reagan’s election, were paid. This was Foster’s role,,
“A defense intelligence report said Israel has a voracious appetite for information and said, “the Israelis are motivated by strong survival instincts which dictate every possible facet of their political and economical policies. It aggressively collects military and industrial technology and the U.S. is a high priority target.” ”
“The document concludes: “Israel possesses the resources and technical capability to achieve its collection objectives.” ”


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