Ken Livingstone tells Piers Morgan that Hitler backed Zionism

Ken Livingstone tells Piers Morgan that Hitler backed Zionism

Harley Tamplin

Wednesday 5 Sep 2018 9:17 am

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Piers Morgan ripped into former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone over his comments about Adolf Hitler in a fiery debate on Good Morning Britain.

Mr Livingstone, who resigned from Labour in May, doubled down on his controversial belief that Hitler backed Zionism.

He also claimed that anti-Semitism allegations plaguing Labour and Jeremy Corbyn are part of a conspiracy by ‘the establishment, great corporations and the super-rich’.

Ken Livingston gets a grilling over Hitler comments

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In the interview, the former mayor said: ‘I said that in the 1930s Hitler supported Zionism.

‘Not because he liked German Jews, but because he did a deal with the German Zionists. There’s a complete difference. He did a deal.’

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But his controversial remarks sparked a rant from Morgan, who criticised him for the comments.

The host said: ‘When you say Hitler supported Zionism, if I’m a British Jew listening to a senior Labour politician as you were at the time saying that, I’m going ‘hang on a second, what do you mean he supported Zionism?’ He exterminated six million Jews.

‘When you try and say ‘when I say he supported Zionism, I don’t mean he’s a Zionist’, it’s a bit like saying to me ‘Piers I know you support Arsenal, but I’m not saying you’re an Arsenal fan’.

Ken Livingstone left Labour in May having been suspended from the party (Picture: ITV)

Piers Morgan blasted Mr Livingstone for his stance on the issue (Picture: ITV)

‘The difference is so miniscule, that I would argue you’ve managed to try and construct a way out of this that says ‘I didn’t mean what I said’.

‘Actually you did, you said Hitler supported Zionism. It’s pretty clear what you said.’

Mr Livingstone also hit out at ‘fake news’ claiming he compared Jews to Nazis, adding: ‘Nobody has ever found a shred of evidence I’ve said any of this nonsense.’

He was already suspended from Labour over anti-Semitism accusations before he quit the party in May.

Despite resigning, he said he rejected claims he had brought the party into disrepute and insisted he was in no way guilty of anti-Semitism.

On Tuesday, Labour’s ruling body agreed to adopt the full international definition of anti-Semitism following months of criticism.

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