Master illusionist Magu started his journey as an illusionist in 2005.

Master illusionist

Magu started his journey as an illusionist in 2005.

What is life without the mysteries of the magical world? And who better to create the magic then Europe’s magical legend Alexander Magu, who is back in the city to perform at Roseate House’s in-house performance venue – Upstage. With excitement in his eyes and tricks in his pockets, Magu assures that he has specials tricks lined up for the Indian audiences. A portion of the demonstrations that Magu will perform are hypnotising and manipulating the perception of the world and ultimately influencing the impossible to seem possible to visitors.

Magu started his journey as an illusionist in 2005. But much has changed over the years and he plans to keep it that way. “From showcasing magic tricks on tables to stages dedicated to for my performance, I have come a long way. But it all started in St Petersburg with I was around 17-years-old. It was a friend’s card trick that gave birth to my imagination and then there was no looking back,” shares Magu, who later went on to find his own world of wizards.

A still from one of Alexander

Magu’s performances

Today, with more than 2,000 shows, several honours and television appearances, the enchanter is one of the most sought after Russian illusionists and the only one in the Russian federation with his own television show.Through his profound energy for captivating storytelling, Magu engages with his audience using different forms of illusions. But in a profession where new tricks have to be worked on every other day can make the process challenging.

“There are different parts of preparation. Once I have narrowed down on the tricks, I start performing them for selected shows. It is the reaction of the audience that finally decides which one I’ll use further. For the rest, I start reworking and look for ways to make them better,” he adds.

What was more troublesome for Magu was the business aspect. And like all businesses, this one too had its ups and downs. “There were times when organisers cancelled our show a day or before the event. However, I believe that such episodes are a lesson and a part and parcel of any business,” says Magu, who always gets on the stage armed with intuitive powers, comical inclination along with an interactive style of performance.

Magic aside, Magu is fond of extreme sports. After a busy season, the best time to catch him is in January, when he relaxes playing sports and is always on the look for adventure. Apart from cars, he also loves travelling. Till November 25, at the Roseate House, Asset 10, Hospitality District, Aerocity.


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