The New Tool of Terror is Opioid Fentanyl

The New Tool of Terror is Opioid Fentanyl

Potentially speaking fentanyl, which is the source of the fatal overdose epidemic in the United States, a synthetic opioid mainly produced in China, could be used by terrorists as a mass destruction weapon, according to the latest report from Bloomberg News.

According to Omaha World-Herald’s statement from the last year of 2018 to Bloomberg, 25 million people can be killed using 118 pounds of fentanyl. This opioid painkiller is extremely powerful, and a truck full of it was stopped from getting inside the United States by Nebraska State Trooper Sam Mortensen a few months ago.

Mortensen was honored in October by the White House for his service as fentanyl is the deadliest drug that entered the United States.

According to a former acting CIA director under former President Barack Obama, Michael Morell, the drug threatens significantly the national security, and it has become a mass destruction weapon.

Some important people even suggested that people trafficking fentanyl should be punished by serving the minimum sentence in jail as this substance is both a very dangerous drug and a mass destruction weapon.

Based on the latest report from Bloomberg, the drug can be used as a tool of terror because according to a senior policy researcher at Rand Corp., Daniel Gerstein, who also  served as acting undersecretary in the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate in the Obama administration, in a closed space it would work best. The effectiveness of the drug would be influenced by open-air becoming too diluted.

If bad actors use ground-up fentanyl on everyday objects, innocent people who touch those object can immensely suffer especially if they rub their eyes or put their fingers in their mouths.

Their reactions could be deadly, and they would not even know what it came from.

Karen and her husband live on a plot of land in British Columbia. They aim to grow and raise a significant part of their food by maintaining a vegetable garden, keeping a flock of backyard chickens and foraging. They are also currently planning a move to a small cabin they hand built. Karen’s academic background in nutrition made her care deeply about real food and seek ways to obtain it. Thus sprung Anna’s interest in backyard gardening, chicken and goat keeping, recycling and self-sufficiency.


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