Bill & Ted Would Have Been 1488% Times More Excellent If They Befriended Hitler!

Bill & Ted Would Have Been 1488% Times More Excellent If They Befriended Hitler! 

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure is a 1989 film about titular teenage time traveling slackers. It and its sequel, the 1991 Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, are back in the pop-culture consciousness because of rumors that there is another movie in the franchise, which would make Bill & Ted a certified film trilogy.

Keanu Reeves (John Wick, The Matrix) and Alex Winter (The Lost BoysDeep Web; Downloaded), who are middle age grandfathers, will return in their roles as Theodore “Ted” Logan and Bill S. Preston Esq in Bill & Ted.

Winter sent a tweet confirming the film, posting: “We’re tuning the air guitars. #BT3”

“We couldn’t be more excited to get the whole band back together again,” said Reeves in a statement.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’s co-scribe Ed Solomon shared some early draft notes from way back in 1984 via Twitter, as a birthday gift to Keanu Reeves on September 2nd. The Tweet revealed that he and his collaborator Chris Matheson considered sending the excellent dudes (Bill and Ted) to Nazi Germany in a plot to kidnap Adolf Hitler in order get him to help them with their history final project.

Can you imagine how awesome it would be for the actor Reeves, who would go on to played Neo in the film the Matrix, and Hitler to “red pill” a group of high school students on nature of the Jew!

Ultimately, the duo decided to scrap the idea – Bill & Ted kidnapped Napoleon instead of Hitler!

Solomon explains:

They end up, say, in Nazi Germany, and after causing trouble, bring Hitler back to San Dimas. He’s stranded there and they go back in time again. One of the popular kids in the school ended up friends with Hitler for some reason… Oh, yeah. Yeah we toyed with Hitler and then we were like…Actually we can’t do that. (For a lot of reasons.) And we swapped it out with Napoleon.”

Matheson said:

The original impulse… was that they were going to be responsible for everything bad that ever happened in human history. Like, they caused the Civil War. They caused World War I. They caused the Titanic to sink.”

Bill and Ted started the Civil War, WWI and the Sinking of the Titanic? We don’t need Hitler to state the obvious – Bill and Ted are shilling for the Jews.

But is there a possibility of Hitler showing up in the 3rd installment of the franchise as a scholar of history? Movie Web doubts that if Hitler is in the 3rd film, he will be shown in any positive light:

..Time travel and Hitler in the movies was recently brought up for another film. This year’s Deadpool 2 originally had a post-credit scene where Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth goes back in time to strangle baby Hitler. In the end, the studio decided against it, for obvious reasons, and it was later made available on the extended cut, which is now out on Blu-ray. Taking Hitler out of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was definitely a wise decision, just like it was for the Deadpool sequel.

Here is the Twitter exchange between Solomon and Reeves:

Metal Injection:

The core of the movie is intact, although originally the duo did not travel in a phone booth, but rather a “time van” they got from their 28-year-old friend Rufus (the part that would eventually be played by a not-28-year-old George Carlin).

There were a few differences, as AV Club points out:

Instead of first traveling to France and scooping up Napoleon, Bill and Ted accidentally travel back to Nazi Germany and pick up none other than Adolf Hitler who accompanies them back to San Dimas and “develops a friendship” with their classmate Randolph. Even in these early stages, Solomon and Matheson were able to recognize that a buddy film involving Hitler may have been in poor taste.

Solomon acknowledged they gave up on the Hitler idea pretty quickly:

Winter was Neo’s (Reeves’) partner long before being in the locked in the Matrix, fighting for control of Zion in the mainframe along side Morpheus and Trinity against AI.

Alex Winter is a leading “expert” on Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road. He directed a film titled “Deep Web” about the two subjects and Reeves narrated it.

Winter is currently working on a project with Laura Poitras, who made the film Citizenfour, which was the last installment of a trilogy on the War on Terror. The film is based on Edward Snowden and his NSA mass Surveillance revelations.

Biography said about Poitras’ film:

..Snowden, who initially is merely embodied by encrypted email messages on Poitras’s computer (the “citizenfour of the film’s title), eventually surfaces as an appealing protagonist, the film’s canniest maneuver is to delay his appearance by introducing an array of personalities who share his belief that the National Security Agency’s surveillance program has moved on from focusing exclusively on suspected terrorists to making every American with a computer or cellphone a potential target of invasive snooping..

Winter’s and Poitras’ film is on the topic of the “Panama Papers.” I’m sure they won’t cover it the way I did.

Deadline reported:

Alex Winter, Laura Poitras, Elijah Wood & ‘Undefeated’ Producer Glen Zipper Team For Panama Papers Doc, First Footage.

I wish Hitler could travel to the future in a time-traveling Volkswagen to the set of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure film to be a positive influence on Winter and Reeves, to prevent them in the future from pedaling Hollywood Nonsense about the Silk Road and collaborating with CIA agent Snowmen-builders like Poitras to make disinformation about the future of privacy in a world of Mass surveillance.

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