Bono Mocks Swedish Political Leader With A “Nazi” Salute As His Evil Clown Alter-Ego

Bono Mocks Swedish Political Leader With A “Nazi” Salute As His Evil Clown Alter-Ego 

Bono gave a Roman salute, which is now only associated with the Third Reich, during a U2 concert in Paris while he provocatively mocked Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the “far-right” Sweden Democrats party, in the wake of the country’s general election.

Bono was performing as his evil alter-ego Mr. MacPhisto, an evil clown, as he threw his right arm up and made the gesture twice and barked “Åkesson!” This was after congratulating Sweden for discovering their ‘Aryan potential’.


Video footage shows the U2 frontman making the unmistakable Hitler-comparison in between songs during the band’s Experience + Innocence Tour gig in the French capital on Sunday. Bono is seen speaking into a camera which applies a digital clown mask onto his face on the big screen behind him, transforming him into Mr MacPhisto – a devil parody character he first invented during U2’s Zoo TV Tour in the 1990s.

Bono said as the character of Mr MacPhisto,

I’m just back from Sweden. I didn’t know how much I’d like the Swedish. Tall, blond, blue eyed… boring. But now the Swedes are beginning to discover their Aryan potential.”

He then shouted:

Akesson! Jimmie Akesson!,’ while performing a Nazi salute. I like him, I like him, he has done so well in the election today. I love elections. I love balloons. I love parties that get out of hand.”

Sputnik News:

In his tirade, Bono lashed out against the rise of popular support for right-wing parties in Europe and went on to attack Marine Le Pen’s National Rally (formerly known as the National Front) claiming she had to rename her party so that voters don’t know the party’s dislike for Jews and blacks.

Sir Bono (he was knighted) was featured in the Panama Papers among celebrities who kept funds in offshore accounts. He has definitely done business with the devil.

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