The Media Magic Trick of 2016-2019


The Media Magic Trick of 2016-2019

By  —— March 25, 2019

The Media Magic Trick of 2016-2019The Mueller Investigation of Russia-Trump Collusion was a successful Deep State operation that achieved its 3-D goals of Distraction, Distortion, and Diversion.

Weeping media dolts, now replaying their shock-n-grief over Hillary’s defeat, either don’t get it, or are masking joy with long faces.  They successfully captured and dominated the news cycle for two-plus years—half of Trump’s first term.


Russiagate was one, long-running, political, magic trick. Watch the right-hand move. Ignore the left.  Focus over there on the shiny object—disregard all else.

Big Media, that drives the news cycles, were, and remain, roaming field magicians for the Deep State.

Now that the main event of the last two-plus years is over, some are calling for an investigation into the investigation. Watch how that doesn’t happen.

Americans are fed-up with “investigating,” in general. Already, Big Media is redirecting our attention to the next manufactured meme: an economy showing signs of slowing down, and then, they’ll herald, a Recession is soon to be upon us. And guess whose fault it’ll be.

Of the four questions that need addressing now, we already know the answers to three:

  1. Who dreamed up the Media Magic Trick of 2016-2019?
  2. Who drove it?
  3. Whose fingerprint is on the outcome?

Originator: The DNC/Clinton Campaign, once a two-headed dragon, dreamed it up. A Jack Russell can figure that out.

Driver: The liberal media—T.V. and print— with help from the left-side of the “fair and balanced” crowd, kept it fueled-up and running.

Authenticator: Bob Mueller was, from the outset, the designated signatory to an outcome predetermined to land with a dead cat bounce.

Bob knows all about faux, special-counsel investigations from his affiliation with Plamegate. That was the multi-year, multi-million-dollar inquiry, into the leaker of Valerie Plame’s C.I.A. identify, launched three months after the leaker had confessed.  It, too, accomplished its 3-D objectives.

Russiagate needed to be authenticated by someone with impeccable credentials.  Bob met the job requirement.  Here’s an example of how Big Media routinely frames his reputation.

Pull up the March 23, 2019 (note the timing on the day Bob’s report was issued) NBC article on Bob entitled “Who is Robert Mueller, the man behind the report on Trump?” —with the GW-like, cherry tree subtitle, “Telling a lie was the ‘worst sin’ that could be committed in his household growing up, the former FBI director once recalled.”  So, Bob cannot tell a lie. Which is particularly interesting since the entire multi-year, multi-million-dollar adventure was solidly founded on one, big, Goebbels-like lie.

But never mind that. Here’s how the author begins his fawning expose on Bob:

“He’s a Republican born into a wealthy family in New York who attended a tony prep school, graduated an Ivy League university, is known for his trademark suits and hair — and isn’t someone you want to be on the wrong side of…Pressure is unlikely to rattle Mueller, 74, who was named special counsel in May 2017. A decorated Vietnam War hero, he was the second longest-serving FBI director in the history of the agency, which he took over one week before the 9/11 terror attacks. Author Garrett Graff, who has interviewed the media-averse Mueller at length over the years, told the Guardian he is ‘probably America’s straightest arrow, very by-the-book, very professional.’”


For an alternative view of reality, we visit one of many new, up-and-coming websites. posted a piece on Bob sixteen months ago entitled “13 Shocking Facts About Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.” It’s the antithesis of the NBC puff piece. Just a few of the headers therein listing Bob’s achievements include:

  • Failure to Aggressively Prosecute the BCCI Scandal
  • Squashing Warning Signs that May Have Stopped 9/11
  • Allowing Escape of Saudi Persons Connected to Bin Laden
  • Entrapping Innocent People for P.R. Purposes
  • 9/11 Cover Up
  • Iraq War
  • Torture
  • Anthrax Frame-Up
  • …the list continues.

So, is Bob a Deep State operator who swims in the prosecutorial end of the Swamp?  Your call.

Question (4): What was this sustained magic trick really about?

Well, that’s the big, unanswered, and unlikely-to-be-addressed, question of the day.

And until it’s addressed, by the genuinely incorruptible few inside the Beltway, the nation will continue to advance toward status as, not a Banana Republic, but a stumbling Banana Daiquiri one.

{hat tip: Marty Watters, research and analysis}

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