Yair Netanyahu gets bitch slapped by other Jews for connecting latest “Shooting” at Chabad synagogue to NYT cartoon debacle.

Yair is the son of the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin

The Netanyahu family is often criticized for allowing Yair to live at with his parents at the Premiership regardless of the fact he is 27 years old and has no job, much less serves an official position in the Israeli government.

Instead of working, Yair spends his days on social media acting as a Social Injustice Warrior.

Soon has little Yair forgotten that he posted on Twitter of the parasitic Tribal nature of fellow Happy Merchant George Soros.

It is true, that Trump is the blind men being lead by a Star of David service Animal with his policies such as escalating war with Iran, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and giving Syria’s Golan Heights to Israel.

But same can said about the NYT being lead by the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion'”, the paper is just another Zionist institution.

Israeli cartoonist recently made a piece suggesting that NYT is run my antisemitic conspiracies and BDS, I see the latter when viewing this piece.

The Elders of the NYT are the editors, writers and contributors despite one honest cartoon.

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