Check out this photobook of amazing aerial photos from Burning Man


Drone and aerial photography of Black Rock City through the lens of Will Roger

Will Roger, the first Director of Operations of Burning Man and a founding board member of Black Rock City, is publishing a book that traces the history and transition of the now world-famous event. Starting with a few thousand revelers in the late 1990s and growing into an expansive city that supports over 70,000 unique citizens every summer, the new book chronicles the ever-changing cityscape and transformation Burning Man. 

Titled Compass of the Ephemeral: Aerial Photography of Black Rock City through the Lens of Will Roger, the comprehensive book shows off the unprecedented grandeur of the event from the sky. The book also includes interpretive essays that explore the physical, cultural and artistic context and impact of the Burning Man event.

“Burning Man is a blank canvas for people to come and create on,” says Rodger. “Burning Man creates human empathy, then serendipity and creativity happens. Burning Man is the real world; everything else is the default world. People come away with changed lives and a changed culture because at Burning Man, everyone is human . . . there is no class, no color. You become family: human family, world family, global family.”

The book is scheduled for release on June 18. Pre-order here.

Check out 9 stunning photos taken from Compass of the Ephemeral: Aerial Photography of Black Rock City through the Lens of Will Rogerbelow.

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