Adam Fitzgerald Is On Blackballed Tuesday Night @ 10 PM EST 5/7/19 On

I have an exciting radio show tomorrow with special guest Adam Fitzgerald on the topic of 9/11.

Fitzgerald been studying the events of September 11th since 2006 and has a current historical series which he is working on with Richard Cox called “The Roads to 9/11.”

“The Roads to 9/11” covers vast array of topics that are affiliated with 9/11 such as Foreign Lobbies, Institute Middle East Foreign Affairs, U.S-Middle East Affairs, Religious Fundamentalism and Intelligence Agencies.

He also runs a Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, VK, Minds account, and has an upcoming show on Thursday called “The Darkened Hour.”

Tune in @ 10pm to Midnight EST on Tuesday.

Blackballed with Rollie Quaid is a weekly show with a call in number (855) 492-6049.

See you then! — with  Adam Fitzgerald.

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3 comments on “Adam Fitzgerald Is On Blackballed Tuesday Night @ 10 PM EST 5/7/19 On

  1. Monty Zooma

    Fitzgerald is a plant of the psychopaths that did 9/11. He is no friend of the people


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