Let’s Make A Wikipedia Page For Gerard Holmgren (A Pioneer Of 911 Blogs). It Seems He Has Been Forgotten.

Holmgren is truly an unsung hero of the 9/11 truth movement.

If he never existed I wonder if the concept of 9/11 truth would even exist and it would exist, I ponder that the truth movement may be more fragmented than in it’s current state without the contributions that he made which made the foundation of many researchers into the topic of 9/11.

Truly a dynamic journalist and generator of ground breaking discoveries was man from down under.

There was only one Holmgren.

He miraculously knew 9/11 was an inside job on the day it happened. Only a few have the gift of discernment, from fact and fantasy that Holmgren had before his untimely death.

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If Holmgren was alive today, I wonder how many PsyOps and False Flags that he would effortless solve miles before anyone else, in an era where solving a false event is a hobby like solving a crossword puzzle to some truthers.

But still some feel the late- Holmgren doesn’t deserve to be memorialized as if he was a war criminal.

Mike Rivero of WRH, has had Holmgren’s book “The Truth About September 11” posted on his site since 2003.

Why is that significant?

Rivero is a host on RBN with a no-sense attitude about no-planes.

His aversion to no-planer theory is legendary, anyone in the truther scene that suggests that 4 planes were not used in WTC1, WTC2, Shanksville and (including the much contested) Pentagon would be treated with deep suspicion on their true motivation for calling into the WRH show.

Perhaps, Rivero believes it is an attempt to mud the waters or to derail the conversation by running Troll interference by calling in with no-planes when it’s needed.

But still Rivero gave a platform to Holmgren, by allowing him to post his ebook titled “The Truth About September 11.”

“The Truth” not conjecture nor lies.

It is amazing that Rivero with his vast array of knowledge has the amazing judgement to see that Holmgren has a enough merit to be posted on the WRH site.


There is many facts about Holmgren life that I don’t know like his DOB and which town in Australia that he was born in.

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6 comments on “Let’s Make A Wikipedia Page For Gerard Holmgren (A Pioneer Of 911 Blogs). It Seems He Has Been Forgotten.

  1. NobodysaysBOO

    the very first look at the 911 event that horrible day, on a tiny tv,said everything to me, my first words where “CARTOON,this is a cartoon ,not real”
    the others in the office said it was real and one black guy screamed at me “I have friends in that building” and reached for the telephone.
    then they played it over and over and It only convinced me it was a cartoon.
    Real aircraft do not behave in that manner.
    The fire tubes hanging out of the windows,now redacted ,where failures mostly and more proof of a scam.
    thanks for doing something.
    better late than never.
    the nation died that nasty day and will never be back.
    the high-rise building industry and the air travel industry was killed with the thousands inside the WTC .
    My job and retirement was gone in a flash, and never compensated no reparations paid.


  2. Jolly Roger

    Holmgren was the inventor of the “no planes hit the towers” nonsense and I spent a month fighting with the idiot over that. He was an enemy propagandist, and the sooner he’s forgotten, the better.


    • stevedeak

      Only a brainwashed dolt would still believe mostly hollow aluminum jets can burrow into the ground, bore through concrete and brick, and slice steel like a hot knife through butter. There are two ways to be fooled; one is to disbelieve what is true, and the other is to believe what isn’t true. You’re doing both.


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