DEF CON 22 – Richard Thieme – The Only Way to Tell the Truth is in Fiction

by Matt Cole

This talk on the 2014 DefCon has a ring of truth to it. “Fiction is the only way to tell the truth.”

Interestingly, I have heard this same message through other channels. This is why you see the same themes throughout Hollywood entertainment, and how synchronicities are made.

In other words, their bodies responded not to reality, but to what they were imaging as reality. pg 88

The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

This is the same message found in Michael Talbot’s book, The Holographic Universe. We only know what is projected to us. The idea and their version of the truth is propagated onto us. I really like how Richard Thieme said the red pill turns into the lavender pill. The concept of not able to get the full truth is scary.

You hear students in college using entertainment media as a worldview and believing it is true. This is done on purpose, as propaganda is pushed onto the public, to have them believe a certain way. Robert Rosenstone acknowledges, “the increasing presence of the visual media in modern culture and the vast increase in TV channels seems to ensure that most people now get their knowledge of the past, once school is over, from the visual media” (p. 10). [Source]

This is why we see specific story lines in the media.


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