Brandon Green Is On ⚫️ BLACKBALLED With Rollie Quaid⚫️🎙 Tonight 10 PM EST 🧠 REVISIONMEDIA.ORG

I have an exciting radio show tonight with special guest Brandon Green on the topic of 5G, which is going to be rolled out soon by the train baboon below.

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We will be discussing the May 15th Nation Day of Action #5GCrisis which goes into effect Wednesday.

Brandon Green on my show tomorrow, to talk about the 5G that is being rolled out soon.

5G is Biological hazard to humans, animals and our atmosphere.

Don’t be ZOnked, it effects you personally, so fight the power!

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Brandon Green is 32 years old, who is a free lancer that puts on many hats with various movements.

Green put on the Anon mask ( or known as the V for Vendetta mask, the trademark of the Hacktivist group Anonymous) in 2007.

The young Hacktivist hung up the vigilante mask of Justice on the mantle after a year.

Before Green was the activist the world knows him today, he was just your typical average working guy that just got sick of seeing the world for what it was and couldn’t remain silent about it.

His first major protest was at Standing Rock fighting the Dapl pipeline.

According to Green

Since (Standing Rock) then I have found my “purpose” in my activism and have been seeking to become more effective in my way and inspiring others to take a stand for change in this world. I have helped many other groups including Palestine and Yellow Vests and continue to do so. I am currently working with the 5GCrisis push to educate people about this weaponized technology.

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Tune in @ 10pm to Midnight EST. 

Blackballed with Rollie Quaid is a weekly show with a call in number (855) 492-6049.

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