Is Donald Trump A Master Hypnotist?

Admit it. Donald Trump is mesmerizing. Love him or hate him, everyone awaits his next word or action.

I can’t help but watch with great fascination as “The Donald” uses tried and true methods of Hypnosis to reach and influence the subconscious mind of the American public. As a certified consulting Hypnotist, I do this on a one-to-one basis, and in some instances, with small groups, but the real-estate raconteur has taken Hypnotism to an all new level. Is Donald Trump a Master Hypnotist, and if so, how does he do it? Here are the techniques that he employs:

Effective communication — One of his most repeated statements has been how terrible things are in this country and how he can and will make things better. He has reinforced this statement again and again throughout his campaign. This is one of the secrets to Mr. Trump’s success and what is the foundation for a successful Hypnosis session. In this case, Trump uses effective communication to identify the problem areas, and he implies the type and scope of the responding solution that needs to be used for treatment. Like any Master Hypnotist, Donald addresses the problem and offers an immediate counterpart solution. No other candidate is reinforcing a new response to a problem like Master Hypnotist Trump. The problem is stated and quickly followed by a positive affirmation which is repeated again and again every time Trump speaks.

Introduction of a new behavior pattern — Trump has defined the problems. He presents the problems as a discovery and discloses the causes of the situations and offers his assurance that he will fix the problems. He pinpoints the problems and finds the alternatives. Old patterns are identified and functional alternatives (new patterns) are introduced.  He creates a sense of working together — a joint effort — in finding the solution. The alternative behavior pattern then becomes acceptable to the group.

A distinctive voice — The tone, rhythm, and special delivery techniques are important and are incorporated into the overall effectiveness of achieving specific goals. Most politicians have a monotone (drone) quality without inflection or variety in rhythm or pitch. A rhythmic voice can lull or rock the subject into a conducive state. In Hypnosis, this is known as the induction. Is there anyone on the political landscape with a more identifiable voice or style than Trump?

Pair bonding and anchoring— This is a Hypnosis method used to associate a pleasant emotion with an undesirable situation or behavior. The country is a mess and I can fix it – creates a level of approval. A bond is created (anchoring) which can be very productive in changing behavior, particularly in eliminating the fears of the potential voters.

Using appropriate vocabulary — The correct terminology that addresses the group’s experience makes imagery more believable. By using appropriate language, voice, and reinforcing the induction with specific images, the group relates to the experience (the message) and gain an affinity for the solution and the presenter. The more appropriate the induction is for the group, the more successful the experience will be.

What Trump has achieved with political positioning, Hypnotists have done countless times through the years with people looking to stop smoking, lose weight or gain success and self confidence.

Hypnotists guide clients through statements which focus on reprogramming the subconscious mind (where habits are stored) with positive suggestions along with techniques to help resolve the problem. The clients reinforce the new positive behavior with these techniques, thereby replacing negative, conditioned habits with a new, positive, alternative choice.

We shall see how far Master Hypnotist Trump can take his mesmerizing skills in the months to follow.

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