Emails of 812 members of Mossad, office of the prime minister, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Justice Leaked Online.

Source: Rogue Media Labs:

..March 8th 2019, a hacker going by the name of “Neptunex3c” of “CYB3R C0V3N Security” released a data leak of several high profile/ranking members of Israeli Government. To be more exact, Neptune released approximately 812 emails across 4 Government offices – The Office of The Prime Minister (125), Israeli Secret Intelligence Service – Mossad (20), as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (226) and Ministry of Justice(441). The leak itself is over 1,600 lines, including locations of subdomains attached to these offices websites, IP Addresses, as well as the mirrored names of file folders attached to various databases affiliated with the Israeli Government.

In a message to Rogue Media Labs, Neptune claims to have assembled the data using different OSNIT tools, such as TheHarvestor, which leverages over 20 different search engines and platforms to scan for information such as this. I can also confirm that the list of emails in question is indeed real, because I sent emails to every single person on that email list – with only maybe 3 dozen emails or so bouncing back to out of the first few hundred. Interesting enough, while b.netanyahu‘s email didn’t work, the emails of propaganda@mossad and supreme-reptilian@mossad did.

The author of the piece then describes how he emailed everyone on the list telling them how awful Israel is.

Clearly, the original leaker and the author know nothing about how email works nowadays. They think that if you send an email to a recipient and it doesn’t bounce back, then the address exists.

But as the example of shows, it isn’t true. If you send email to a bunch of random characters at Mossad it takes hours for the bounceback message. (Yes, does eventually bounce.) And some email systems will silently absorb bad emails depending on the characteristics of the originating email.

So the first anti-Israel idiot uses search engines to find a bunch of addresses – search engines that will grab fake addresses from petitions, or jokes, or whatever. The second idiot thinks that the first list is accurate because he doesn’t understand email.

Many of the emails on the list are probably legit, but this is hardly a hack. This is little more than Googling.

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