The Pentagon’s JEDI Contract | The U.S. could be granting Soviet Israel access to all of the Pentagon’s most sensitive data.

by Shayan Zarrin DECEMBER 27, 2018

The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Project (JEDI) is a future Pentagon software development whereby Pentagon data will be transferred to one commercial cloud-based database from the many separate servers that currently store Pentagon data. “Top military secrets will be transferred to the Jedi cloud, including classified details about weapons systems, military personnel, intelligence and operations.” (Clegg, Rana)

Proponents state that it will make military operations more efficient due to the cloud giving military personnel “instant access to all of the latest intelligence.”

Furthermore, Pentagon military think tanks like MITRE Corporation have been warning “that if the Pentagon’s IT system is not updated urgently, then the US will “lose the future war.”

MITRE is a non-profit corporation that “operates multiple federally funded research and development centers.” (The MITRE Corporation)

MITRE and the probable Israeli Mossad information technology front company Ptech provided the database software for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the US Air Force that was in use during the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Author Christopher Bollyn explains how MITRE and Ptech’s probable backdoored software could have compromised the FAA and Air Force’s response to the hijacked planes on September 11:

“Did a central controller with “super user” privileges of the command and control systems of the Department of Defense, NORAD, the Air Force, and the FAA, control the aerial attacks of 9/11? There is only one agency that has that capability – a little-known private company known as MITRE corp.”

Because the attacks involved systems used by the FAA, NORAD, and the U.S. Air Force, the September 11 conspirators would have needed “super user” access to the command and control centers of these three separate organizations.

Super user means the most privileged user on a computerized data system. The super user has complete access to all files on the system. For the previously mentioned agencies, and virtually all other U.S. defense and intelligence organizations, there is one such possible super user: Bedford, Mass. based, MITRE Corporation. MITRE also has a headquarters in McLean, Va., on a campus it shares with Northrop Grumman.

MITRE is a major defense contracting organization headed by former Director of Central Intelligence (DCI), Dr. James Rodney Schlesinger. Schlesinger, who was reportedly made DCI at the request of Henry Kissinger in 1973, later served as Secretary of Defense.

Schlesinger, a former director of strategic studies at RAND Corporation, was described in a 1973 biography as a “devout Lutheran,” although he was born in New York in 1929 to immigrant Jewish parents from Austria and Russia. Schlesinger earned three degrees from Harvard University. Schlesinger’s father, an accountant, founded the accounting firm Schlesinger & Haas, and was a trustee and chairman of the budget of the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue. His father was also a member of the New York State Grand Lodge of Masons.

MITRE, where Schlesinger is chairman of the board of trustees, has partnerships with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory, and Mitretek Systems of Falls Church, Va.

Schlesinger is a senior advisor for the Lehman Brothers investment firm and a member of the Defense Policy Board and advisory council for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

MITRE has provided computer and information technology to the FAA and the U.S. Air Force since the late 1950s. MITRE is a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC) for the Dept. of Defense, the FAA, and the Internal Revenue Service. (Bollyn)

Opposition to JEDI Project due to Security Risks

There is a great deal of opposition to the JEDI project from Pentagon affiliated IT professionals due to the security risks that could arise through the project.

“John Weiler, the director of the IT procurement group IT-AAC based in Washington, told the BBC: “I would not store my most personal data, nor would my fellow colleagues, in a commercial cloud, period, the end.”

Weiler says there are huge risks to storing such classified information on a public, commercially-held cloud run by just one company.

“We have our nuclear codes, where our troops are going to be from one day to the next. If the cloud’s security is breached, then our enemies could use our information against us. They could be waiting for us.”

The Pentagon had to explain to Congress why it was only offering the contract to a single company, with calls for a cloud of this size to be run by multiple service providers to spread the risk of security breaches.”

The leading bidder for the contract is Amazon Web Services (AWS), which “Amazon is currently the only company that holds the highest security authorization to handle government data.” (Chan, Rosalie)

Of concern is Amazon Web Service’s close ties to C5, “a group of cyber-investment companies which has worked closely with the leading bidder, Amazon Web Services.”

“According to C5 Accelerate’s website, it is “developing a Cloud Accelerator Cluster in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the United States, alongside Amazon Web Services.

“Its mission is to accelerate best-of-breed start-ups to meet the growth opportunity being created by the geographic expansion of AWS, the world’s leading cloud computing platform.” (Croucher, Shane)

C5 is headed by Andre Pienaar, “a well-connected South African with business ties to a wealth of illustrious names.”

C5’s board “features a roll call of some of the most influential and trusted figures in military and security circles on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Pienaar also has links to Viktor Vekselberg, who is on the US sanctions list for his close ties to Vladimir Putin.”

When the BBC asked Vekselberg if he knew Pienaar, he said that for two-and-a-half years, Pienaar was a paid portfolio manager for his businesses in South Africa. That role only came to an end earlier this year.

According to this version of events, he must have been working for Vekselberg whilst running C5 and working on projects with Amazon Web Services.

When the BBC put that to Pienaar, he denied having ever worked for Vekselberg’s company, and said he had only advised them on a mining issue.

Shortly afterwards, Vekselberg’s spokesman came back to amend their earlier statement to match Pienaar’s – which would suggest that they are still in contact.

Looking through the labyrinthine structure of companies around C5, the BBC has found an injection of Russian money.

One of C5’s subsidiaries, C5 Razor Bidco, brought in an investment of £16.1m in 2015, just as Vladimir Kuznetsov became a director and major shareholder of the company.

AWS stressed that it does not work with C5 Razor Bidco. However, C5 Razor Bidco is part of the C5 group and is owned by Andre Pienaar.

Vladimir Kuznetsov is widely reported as being the trusted lieutenant of the sanctioned Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg. (Clegg, Rana)

Vekselberg is also “a longtime friend and business partner of British-American billionaire and major Republican Party donor Leonard Blavatnik, who is close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (Viktor Vekselberg)

Blavatnik is the founder and chairman of the conglomerate company, Access Industries, which has a myriad of holdings in natural resources/chemicals, media/telecommunications, venture capital/technology, and real estate. (Holdings by Industry)

Blavatnik is also the richest man in the United Kingdom, with a net worth of $15.8 billion. (Len Blavatnik)

Haaretz reported the following on Blavatnik in an article titled: “Know your Oligarch: A Guide to the Jewish Billionaires in the Trump-Russia Probe”:

“Trump factor: [Blavatnik] Gave more than $6 million in the 2016 election cycle, virtually all to Republicans, after a pattern of relatively modest donations to both political parties. Longstanding business ties to Viktor Vekselberg, the oligarch allegedly linked to secret payments to Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.  Blavatnik donated $12,700 last year to a Republican party legal fund that has helped to pay Trump’s lawyers in the Russia inquiry.

Jewish ties: He [Blavatnik] has served on the board of Tel Aviv University, the Center for Jewish History and the 92nd Street Y. His family foundation funds a Colel Chabad-run food bank and warehouse in Kiryat Malachi in Israel, which sends monthly shipments of food to 5,000 poor families in 25 Israeli cities. He is friends with Netanyahu, and has been questioned by police in connection with the investigation into gifts the prime minister allegedly has received from wealthy benefactors. He funds scholarships for Israeli army soldiers. (JTA, Kampeas)

Both Blavatnik and Vekselberg have donated to both the U.S. Democratic and Republican parties. Vekselberg’s firm Renova donated between $50,000 and $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation. (Ross, Musk)

Meanwhile, Blavatnik has donated to a whole host of Democratic and Republican candidates including both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential election, and Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, John McCain, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, Andrew Cuomo, and Hillary Clinton in 2016. “He also donated $1 million to the committee for the inauguration of Donald Trump.” (Ross, Mosk)

Blavatnik and Vekselberg’s Stake in Alfa Group and Trump Connections

Blavatnik and Vekselberg are further connected through the Alfa-Access-Renova consortium (AAR), a consortium of four Russian Jewish oligarchs including Mikhail Friedman, German Khan, Blavatnik, and Vekselberg. (“The Billionaire Oligarchs behind Alfa-Access-Renova (AAR)”) AAR also has a peculiar connection to the Trump organization through their computer servers. The FBI opened up an investigation into the possible connection back in early 2017:

“Examining records for the Trump domain, Max’s group discovered D.N.S. lookups from a pair of servers owned by Alfa Bank, one of the largest banks in Russia. Alfa Bank’s computers were looking up the address of the Trump server nearly every day. There were dozens of lookups on some days and far fewer on others, but the total number was notable: between May and September, Alfa Bank looked up the Trump Organization’s domain more than two thousand times. “We were watching this happen in real time—it was like watching an airplane fly by,” Max said. “And we thought, Why the hell is a Russian bank communicating with a server that belongs to the Trump Organization, and at such a rate?” (Filkins)

Russian Jewish Oligarch Connections to other U.S. Tech Companies

Amazon is not the only US tech company with ties to Russian Jewish oligarchs. In fact, Facebook received a “$200 million with a valuation of $10 billion” investment from Russian high tech investment company Digital Sky Technologies, which is headed and founded by Israeli-Russian oligarch Yuri Milner. (Mangalindan)

Milner also made a large investment into Twitter:

“Obscured by a maze of offshore shell companies, the Twitter investment was backed by VTB, a Russian state-controlled bank often used for politically strategic deals. And a big investor in Mr. Milner’s Facebook deal received financing from Gazprom Investholding, another government-controlled financial institution, according to the documents.” Ultimately, Mr. Milner’s companies came to own more than 8 percent of Facebook and 5 percent of Twitter.” (Drucker)

Other Potential JEDI Contract Bidders

The other four bidders for the JEDI contract include Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle. Significantly, all four of these corporations have key R&D centers in Israel. Major parts of Microsoft’s Windows operating system have been developed in Israel. (Shamah)

All four U.S. corporations receive billions of dollars in government subsidies from state governments across the country, yet they open their R&D facilities in Israel at the expense of U.S. jobs.

Oracle’s Israeli Ties

Oracle in particular has direct connections to the Israeli state through dual Israeli citizen and co-CEO, Safra Catz. The other key Zionist at Oracle is the founder and executive chairman, Larry Ellison, the world’s wealthiest Jewish businessman with a net worth of $54.9 billion. (Larry Ellison)

Ellison and his wife have “donated millions to various causes in Israel. Most notably, they donated a $9 million in a lump sum to the soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces through Friends of the IDF (FIDF)”. (Forman)

Oracle’s Lobbying of Trump Administration on Behalf of Ezra Cohen-Watnick

Safra Catz directly lobbied the Trump administration for a number of favors, and was on the executive committee of the Trump transition team. She was even considered for replacing HR Mcmaster as National Security Adviser at one point. (Weinberger)

Katz and Oracle are also affiliated with Zionist Jewish national security adviser to the Attorney General Ezra Cohen-Watnick. Watnick was fired from the National Security Council by HR McMaster in August 2017 for showing House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes classified documents. He soon got a new job at Safra Catz’ Oracle. Later in April of this year, Watnick also got a new job in the Trump administration as national security adviser to the Attorney General. (Strohm, Jacobs)

Based on the substantial amount of lobbying and close relationship between Safra Catz and Donald Trump, it can be assumed that Katz had a role in convincing Trump to appoint Watnick to the position. Katz and Oracle also heavily donated to the Rep. Devin Nunes’ 2018 midterm election campaign. (Morin)

If Oracle wins the JEDI contract, the Pentagon’s cloud data could possibly be shared with Israel given Catz’ close ties to duel Israelis like Ezra Cohen-Watnick and Oracle’s extensive investments in Israel. (Schindler)


So what are the implications of the proposed JEDI contract? Basically, if this “cloud” deal goes through with any of these four tech companies, the U.S. could be granting Soviet Israel (Russia and Israel) access to all of the Pentagon’s most sensitive data.

“An AWS (Amazon Web Services) spokesman told Newsweek that C5 had never been, and never would be, involved in JEDI in any way.” (Croucher, Shane)

We certainly hope not, but given Soviet Israel’s history of espionage against the U.S., these deals need to be highly scrutinized in the public arena.

(Thank you to Joseph Davis and Jon Swinn for contributing.)

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