Pamela Anderson Finally Spills The Beans That She Is “Romantic” with Zionist Agent Julian Assange

 August 9, 2018Rollie Quaid 

Pamela Anderson has finally spoken of her ‘romantic’ connection with Julian Assange, the public leader of the Zionist operation known as WikiLeaks.

The former Playboy centerfold star and “Baywatch” star is no longer running in the sand with David Hasselhoff, but still a sex-symbol who works as a glamorous assistant to Dutch illusionist Hans Klok in his “House of Mystery tour” that is in Germany.

Pamela Anderson told FOXnews:

He’s definitely an interesting person, and there’s definitely a romantic kind of connection ’cause it’s a romantic struggle.”

She told Harvey Levin on “OBJECTified”, which aired Sunday night on Fox News.

We have this closeness … he’s not close to people like he is to me.”

Julian Assange has been hiding inside of Ecuador’s London embassy since 2012 where he claim sanctuary and “Whistleblower” status in fear that he will be extradited to Sweden for rape charges or, potentially, to the United States were he will end up in a CIA-torture dungeon.

Even though Swedish authorities officially dropped their investigations last year, the British government still wants to arrest him for breaching bail condition.

Jeff Sessions (Attorney General)  told reporters that arresting Assange is “a priority” for the Justice Department in the US, back in April 2017.

The United States intelligence agencies have concluded that WikiLeaks coordinated with Russian intelligence to release hacked emails from the DNC during the 2016 election campaign, which isn’t proven in court, so the fact Assange supported Catalan independence will be the legal excuse to smoke Assange out.

Assange’s intervention on Catalan independence has created a rift between him and the Ecuadorian government as well.

Lenin Moreno (The current President of Ecuador) regards Julian Assange as ‘a rock in his shoe‘.

On July 21, the Intercept reported that Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno met with British officials in July to finalize plans to expel Assange from the embassy.

Assange’s internet Access has been cut off for the last 3 months, claiming that Assange had violated a 2017 agreement not to interfere in the affairs of other states, by supporting Catalan independence.

LONDON, ENGLAND – JANUARY 21: Pamela Anderson seen arriving at the Ecuadorian Embassy to visit her friend Julian Assange on January 21, 2017 in London, England. (Photo by Neil Mockford/GC Images)

Anderson has made several visits to see Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012, but since March, after Ecuador announced it had revoked Internet access, his visitor privileges was also revolved. That means Anderson can no longer bring Assange’s vegan food to the Embassy, but we all know she is there to “whistle-blow”.

She has been “deeply concerned about his health and well-being” after being cut off from the outside world and said he was undergoing “a slow, painful death [at] the hands of the U.S. [and] U.K.”

Jezebel joked about the way the public is more interesting in hearing a love story about Assange and Anderson than hearing about if Assange is going to get evicted from his Landlord or not.

But wait, we don’t need details about the charges against Julian Assange or the conditions of his departure from the Ecuadorian embassy. We just need to find out whether or not Anderson and Assange are actually boyfriend/girlfriend. Because every time I see a photo of her making a dramatic entrance into or exit from the Ecuadorian embassy I wonder, are they doing it or are they just activist pals?

Anderson said “I have a real personal relationship with him.”

“We want to help create career activists,” Anderson told Fox News. “We’re going to choose ten activists a year for ten years and pay their salaries no matter where they are in the world. It’ll be very diverse, too. It won’t just be, you know, more digital.”

On Sunday, she told Fox News: “I brought him some vegan food, and now it’s a tradition that I bring him vegan food every time I see him, and I see him a lot.”

(Are your rights to visit Assange revoked or not, Anderson? Make up your fucking mind!)

She said that as a couple they have deep chats about all aspects of life: they talk about everything from the Bible to animal rights, and about Anderson attending Donald Trump’s birthday party one time which she was paid $500 to do.

Anderson has a scope of influence among powerful men that’ll make your jaw drop.

This year, while being a gay man’s magic assistant Anderson, she wrote a sexual advice book with Rabbi Shmuley titled “Lust for Love: Rekindling Intimacy and Passion in Your Relationship.” 

Anderson, being an initiate into the deepest circles of Hollywood is cognizant of the rumors of the Good Rabbi not only being a MDMA and Meth drug kingpin, but the gunrunner that is flooding the Mideast with ancient Soviet bloc weapons.

She had to at least read the MSM head lines, the Business insider reported Jan 19, 2012 “After being told that Wikileaks has been given some credit for the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street, Assange claims he and his associates “planned for most of what has occurred over the past 12 months.”

What had occurred is the civil war that kicked off in Syria to take down Assad, Russia’s supposed top ally, but that’s all on the surface since Putin has better deal with Bibi to get a piece of that sweet Mideast pie. 1/3 of Israelis speak Russian as their mother tongue, not Hebrew or Yiddish, which means it’s easy to believe there is deep collusion with Russia and Israel that makes non-speaking Russian Jews nervous as a farmer John pig.

Julian Assange is reported to be responsible for the Arab spring, and without the Arab spring there would be no toppling of former Soviet backed states in the Middleeast and North Africa like Libya, Iraq, Syria, etc..

Wikileaks served Israel’s regional interests. Without the leaks there would be no “peaceful activists” that would start a movement against governments in the Arab world, which turned to street marches, sit ins, and there were organized mass protests. Then things turn ugly, real ugly, many people got killed, and then Arab governments were overthrown.

Wikileaks was one of the wrecking balls used by the American Jewish lobbyists, with close ties with the Zionist regime in Israel and the US State Department, to destabilize the Arab world.

Rabbi Shmuley gave Arabs the ability to be not only what the MSM calls “insurgents” against US forces but allowed them to start civil wars like (Sunni vs Shitte.)

Anderson, who has been linked to some of the baddest of the bad boys, which is a list that not only includes Rabbi Boteach or Assange, or even her ex-husband Tommy Lee, a Gay magician, an Arab soccer player or Kid Rock, but the baddest of them all… Mr. Putin.

Back in March, Anderson was interviewed by Piers Morgan on show “Life Stories,” the DailyMail reported..

The activist spoke candidly about the men in her life as she hinted at past relationships with the likes of Vladimir Putin, 65, Julian Assange, 46, Sylvester Stallone, 71, and also discussed her footballer beau, Adil Rami, 32.

During her discussion, the Canada native revealed that she had kept in contact with Vladimir Putin since she successfully ­lobbied him to ban the hunting of seals in 2009.

Recalling that she had been asked to his 2012 inauguration as his guest, she teased: ‘I did not do that, but there has been some… obviously we have been in the same place together ­sometimes’, concluding: ‘I have a great relationship with Russia. Yes.’

The V.I.P. star also teased at her rumoured romance with Julian Assange, by avoiding Piers’ questions, yet stating that they are ‘mostly’ good friends.

The Hollywood Reporter said about Anderson’s web of influence…

If politics makes for strange bedfellows, Anderson is running an orgy…(Anderson).. become pals with everyone from GOP billionaire activist Sheldon Adelson (an old Malibu neighbor) to Bill Clinton (they partied together at the Vienna AIDS Ball) to kosher sex guru and former congressional candidate Rabbi Shmuley Boteach… Pamela Anderson (has) found herself at the center of the geopolitical universe.

Pamela Anderson also is regular at Marina Abramovic spirit cooking events.

If I was a whistle blower, I’d rather be at Gitmo than hide from the CIA in Anderson’s basement.

Despite, all that activism for Democracy, animal rights and the public need for “Whistle blowers” to guard against bullshit, she is a Satanist.

Which goes to show I’m not going to be one of her ten career activists.

CJ, the 50 year old blond from Baywatch, is at the center of the spider’s web of total control of the Goyim… fucking hell!

Here is the diagram that Hollywood Report published.

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