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Many of Google’s top managers in Washington have worked for the CIA and other US intelligence agencies.

Jim Young worked as a CIA analyst at the Directorate of Science and Technology, which is involved in MKULTRA mind control programs

Jim Young now works for Google, selling things to the Defence Department.
The revolving door between Google and the Department of Defence.

Karel Donk’s Blog

Shannon Sullivan worked for the US intelligence agencies.

She is ‘Head of Defense and Intelligence at Google Enterprise.’

Michele R. Weslander Quaid
Michele R. Weslander Quaid has worked for various US intelligence agencies.

She did intelligence work in Iraq and Afghanistan.

She has worked with the USA’s director of national intelligence and the Secretary of Defense.

She is one of Google’s Chief Technology Officers

Weslander Quaid told Entrepreneur Magazine that a big part of her job at Google entails meeting with intelligence agency directors.

Google has aggressively intensified its campaign to work alongside the intelligence agencies.

Ned Ryun (in white Generation Joshua T-shirt) who worked for George W Bush. 
Weslander Quaid helps the Republican Party win elections.

Politico reports that Michele Weslander Quaid is joining the board of directors of Voter Gravity, which works for the Republican party and conservative groups.

Voter Gravity was set up by Ned Ryun, a rightwing ‘Christian’ and an anti-union activist. 

Recently exposed is Google’s partnering with Koch think tanks.

Google appears to be part of the Nazi-Zionist-Mafia-Robber-Baron elite.

They invade people’s privacy, make money from people’s intellectual property and work with the spooks. 

Read Pando’s surveillance valley coverage.

Death to bad search results: Elicit fixes website search with some context and a human touch

The ad game is rigged against online publishers, but sovrn thinks it can be the answer

Let’s kill “net neutrality”

The FCC is about to kill the free Internet

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