Disturbing Video Surfaces Of Childrens’ Drag Show, With Touchy-Feely Adults

SOURCE: hideoutnow

As reported last week, a venue called the Friendly House played host to a child centric drag queen show in Portland (where else), featuring 10 year old drag kid Sparkle Lynn More. It was also promoted on MensGo.com as a gay audience event. Street videographer Brandon Farley attended the event and has posted video of the entire thing on his YouTube channel.

They event started off with Hugo Cuellar introducing the host/MC, Diva Dott.

The first performance was by Ramona Dott, who lip synched and danced to the soundtrack of Disney’s “Into The Woods,” likely to appeal to the children in attendance. You can hear people comment “she’s so pretty.”

Next came Autch Daddi Dott, performing as Pee Wee Herman singing Bird Is The Word, but not before Diva gives a shout out to the LGBTQIAOS community.

Panhandling for tips was common throughout the event, with attendees encouraged to toss some green into a plastic pumpkin.

Then it was time for everyone’s favorite little celebrity, as Diva Dott, giddy with excitement, introduced Sparkle Lynn More, the 10 year old drag kid. Except Diva referred to Sparkle as “her” or “she” several times, indicating that Sparkle is transitioning. After thanking Sparkle’s parents, Diva Dott goes “We got a 10 year old drag queen in the house. Can I get a Amen?”

Sparkle performed to RuPaul’s “Cover Girl,” which features the line “When they see me, they want to be me, I am the fantasy.” Hugo Cuellar appears fascinated with 10 year old Sparkle and starts recording Sparkle with his phone.
As the video plays, one can’t help but notice how many middle aged and older guys are in attendance with no children.

VIDEO of the entire event by Brandon Farley of Optics Media:

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