Republicans Aren’t Sure They Want to Hear From Hunter Biden

John Cornyn said Hunter Biden’s testimony would do little to help senators resolve the matters presented in the impeachment trial.
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1 comment on “Republicans Aren’t Sure They Want to Hear From Hunter Biden

  1. Most know it’s total bullshit, so why even give it oxygen? The Dem House bulldozed all opposition to throw it over to the Senate, slow walking it all the way since, well, everyone knows it is bullshit. Now the Senate should do likewise and strike the bullshit down with a terse acquittal. Exposing further the crimes of the dems who have already exposed themselves (Joe Biden’s on tape bragging of how he extorted Ukraine for Christ sakes) and get zero coverage from the traitorous press is just gonna be more Repub self-flaggelation since the Press controls the means of production of what information to leave in and what to leave out.


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