Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: Caught in a Lie or Cover Story to Protect his Girlfriend’s Privacy?

Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: Caught in a Lie or Cover Story to Protect his Girlfriend’s Privacy?

Posted on June 10, 2013 by willyloman

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE:  Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: What are YOU Willing to Risk for Your New FACEBOOK Hero?


This is what $200,000 a year rents in Hawaii?

Edward Snowden said he decided to pack his bags and leave his home for Hong Kong around May 20th when he caught his flight. He said he left his girlfriend behind in the home they shared in Hawaii. He also said he made 200k a year. He said the “NSA police” had gone by his home twice since he had been gone.

Turns out, he and his girlfriend moved out of their little rental home on May 1st. How does that factor in with his story? Was he reassigned to the CIA shop in Hong Kong or is that Century 21 sign in the yard just cover for his girlfriend? Making 200 grand a year with the NSA (pretty easy to maintain good credit there huh?) and he was renting a little bungalow in a suburb?

$200,000 a year? Not bad for a community college drop-out with a GED. At least his rental house makes more sense.

Today it has been revealed that Edward Snowden and his girlfriend moved out of the house they rented on May 1st of this year. THEY packed up everything and moved out, not just him. Almost as if they had some new project they were working on, huh? That’s the story anyway.

A Hawaii real estate agent says Edward Snowden and his girlfriend moved out of their home in a quiet neighborhood near Honolulu on May 1, leaving nothing behind.

Century 21 real estate agent Kerri Jo Heim says Sunday that the owner of the house wanted the couple out so that the home could be sold.

Heim says police came by on Wednesday to ask where the couple went. She told them she didn’t know. Huffington Post

This could mean a couple things: it could mean that the guy is just lying through his teeth and he was reassigned to the new CIA post “right up the road” from the hotel he is staying at. It could mean he left on May 20th to get there and prep for his role with the CIA drama coaches and he and his girlfriend will be jetting off to parts unknown as soon as whatever this psyop is doing is done.

It could mean he was lying about the money he was making as well. Since when does a young man looking to start up his family with his soon to be wife RENT a crappy little house like that if he has NSA connections and $200,000 a year at his disposal?

It could mean he lives in rentals because he knows he could be shipped off to another assignment at a moment’s notice and it JUST SO HAPPENED that the owner of the home asked them to leave at the exact same time he decided to turn his back on the only career he knows and the only career which would ever pay him that much money considering he didn’t even have a high school diploma when he landed the job.

Of course to buy into that, is to dig yourself in deeper to the coincidence theory camp.

It could also mean, and this is probably more likely, that someone is doing what they can to cover for his girlfriend now that his address has become public knowledge. However, that doesn’t add up either. Edward would certainly be aware enough to know that his address is a matter of public record and as soon as he stepped into the spotlight, he was dragging his girlfriend along with him.

It’s not a surprising development one way or the other. What is surprising is that he didn’t mention both he and his girlfriend pulling up stakes on May the 1st in his interview with Glenn Greenwald.

I’ll keep looking into it.

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