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US to Announce ‘Deal of the Century’ After Israel Coalition Formed

Rollie Quaid : Its happening a one state Jewish only state in Palestine. God forgive humanity.

(MEMO) The US plans to announce its long-awaited “deal of the century” after newly re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has formed a ruling coalition. Aides to President Donald Trump said yesterday that they expect him to release details of his peace plan shortly after Netanyahu gets his coalition partners together, which should happen next week, Reuters has reported.

However, the news agency also revealed that, despite the fact that the peace plan has been credited to the President, the reality is that Trump has not actually seen the document in full. Only four people have apparently had regular access to and input to the plan: Senior Advisor to the President and Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner; Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt; US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman; and Kushner’s aide Avi Berkowitz.

The report added that, although “Trump is briefed regularly on the contents” of the so-called peace plan, he “is not believed to have read the entire document of dozens of pages.”

The deal has been a long time in the making and its final announcement has been delayed repeatedly. In January, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that details would not be revealed until after Israel’s election on 9 April, leading to speculation that the Trump administration was sheltering Netanyahu from any potential fall-out. For his part, Netanyahu had previously expressed concern that the deal could harm his re-election bid, and had reportedly reached out to his friends in Washington to delay its announcement.

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Netanyahu has in recent weeks pre-empted the “deal of the century” by unilaterally promising to annex the occupied West Bank. In what was widely interpreted as a final bid to secure election victory, and buoyed by President Trump’s announcement that the US would recognise Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, Netanyahu said, “I am going to extend [Israeli] sovereignty [to the West Bank] and I don’t distinguish between settlement blocs and the isolated settlements.” In an interview at the weekend, Netanyahu doubled down on his promise, sayingthat, if possible, he planned to carry it out “with American support.”

A recent statement by Pompeo has lent credence to the idea that the US could support Netanyahu’s entirely illegal annexation plans. The Secretary of State this week declined to declare publicly US support for the two-state solution, telling a Senate hearing that, “We are now working with many parties to share what our vision (is) as to how to solve this problem.”

In doing so, Pompeo backtracked on years of official US policy, and added to speculation that the upcoming “deal of the century” will be biased in favour of Israel.

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However, if the plan is revealed after Netanyahu forms a new coalition, it will prove to be the first test for his new government. Although its make-up is not yet finalised, it is expected widely to include Netanyahu’s traditional allies: ultra-Orthodox parties United Torah Judaism and Shas; centrist party Kulanu; and Avigdor Lieberman’s hawkish Yisrael Beiteinu. The coalition will likely also include the newly-formed Union of Right Wing Parties (URWP), a religious-Zionist alliance comprised of the Jewish Home, National Union and Otzma Yehudit parties.

Given such a group, each member of which holds markedly different agendas when it comes to the “deal of the century”, achieving consensus in the government will be difficult for Netanyahu. Indeed, some expected coalition members have already thrown down the gauntlet on this issue.

Controversial MK-elect Bezalel Smotrich – who heads the National Union faction and is placed second on the URWP’s slate –said yesterday that his party would not sit in a government which even considered President Trump’s peace plan. “I am not negotiating a plan that is going to establish a terrorist state on the border of the State of Israel,” he told Kan radio in reference to a future Palestinian state in what is left of the occupied West Bank after Washington hands over large chunks of territory to the Israelis. “If he [Netanyahu] thinks about the Trump plan, that’s OK. But if he moves forward with it, then he probably won’t have a right-wing government. Not only because of us, but because of his own Likud members.”

Meanwhile, Lieberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu has previously advocated for moving away from a solution based on the Armistice (“Green”) Line which was in place in June 1967, and which generally forms the basis of international negotiations in the post-Oslo era. Instead, it has called for Israel’s illegal Jewish settlements to be designated as Israeli territory. The party suggests that areas within Israel with a high density of Palestinian Israeli citizens, for example the “triangle” of Arab-Israeli towns near the Green Line such as Baqa Al-Gharbiyye and Umm Al-Fahm, be included in the Palestinian territories as a form of compensation for annexing the settlements.

Lieberman is in a strong position to force his agenda in the coming weeks. With 95 per cent of the votes counted Yisrael Beiteinu has won five seats, meaning that if Lieberman chose to withdraw his support from the coalition at any point, Netanyahu would be one seat short of the 61 needed to maintain a majority government. This could prove crucial in the coming weeks, as coalition members decide whether to support or reject President Trump’s “deal of the century”.

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This article originally appeared on Middle East Monitor.

CIA Porn Extortion Scams Now Use Password Protected PDFs

CIA Porn Extortion Scams Now Use Password Protected PDFs


A new variant of the CIA porn investigation emails are now putting the extortion payment instructions in password protected PDF attachments.

Last month we covered how the CIA exortion scam variant had started to become widely distributed.  These scam emails pretend to be from a CIA technical collection offer who states that your name is part of an investigation into underage pornography. For a fee, though, they would be willing to wipe your information from the case files.

This latest variant is now utilizing password protected PDF attachments and have an email subject of  “[Your email has been verified [Central Intelligence Agency – Case #55662513 – 24-03-2019] Your family counts on your intelligence”. Included in the email is the password for the attached PDF file.

Spam Email
Spam Email

The full text of the spam email is:


Case #55662513
Distribution and storage of pornographic electronic materials involving underage children.
My name is Braelynn Mentink and I am a technical collection officer working for Central Intelligence Agency.
It has come to my attention that your personal details including your email address (xxx) are listed in case #55662513.
The following details are listed in the document’s attachment:
• Your personal details,
• Home address,
• Work address,
• List of relatives and their contact information.
Case #55662513 is part of a large international operation set to arrest more than 2000 individuals suspected of paedophilia in 27 countries.
The data which could be used to acquire your personal information:
• Your ISP web browsing history,
• DNS queries history and connection logs,
• Deep web .onion browsing and/or connection sharing,
• Online chat-room logs,
• Social media activity log.
The first arrests are scheduled for April 19, 2019.
Password for PDF file: @pdf-2019
Braelynn Mentink

If you open the attached PDF, the recipient will be prompted to enter the password from the email.

PDF Password Prompt
PDF Password Prompt

Once the password is entered, the PDF will open and display instructions to send $5,000 USD to the enclosed bitcoin address. Interestingly, the enclosed bitcoin address of bc1qmhrhujr4ncqsep3fttv0n3ntfeatjwxmy48mzp is a newer segwit address rather than the traditional bitcoin addressees we commonly see in these scams.

Payment Instructions
Payment Instructions

It goes without saying that if you receive one of these emails, you should immediately mark it as spam and delete.

It is important to stress that no matter how scary these emails may appear, they are just scams, numerous people have reported receiving them, the CIA is not investigating you, and you should not make any payments to the listed bitcoin addresses.

Just remember, these emails are nothing to worry about.

IMF Hands $4.2 billion in loans for Ecuador for Julian Assange


The evidence of political pressure on Ecuador is surfacing. The IMF Executive Board Approved US$4.2 Billion  (435% of quota and SDR 3.035 billion) Extended Fund Facility for Ecuador. The Executive Board agreed to this arrangement with strings attached. The Board’s decision enables the immediate disbursement of US$652 million (equivalent to SDR 469,7 million, or 67.3 percent of Ecuador’s quota). This arrangement provides support for the Ecuadorean government’s economic policies over the next three years provided they gave up Julian Assange.

It is very interesting how corruption and bribes grease the world. Every person who ever becomes a whistleblower on government goes to prison.

The USA immediately unveiled its request for extradition on computer hacking charges that carry 5 years. Of course, the US must put on its case to get its hands around Julian’s neck. Once he is extradited to the USA, they will unleash a battery of other charges to ensure he does life.

The rumblings behind the curtain are that the Democrats in league with the Deep State are behind this, hoping to force Assange to say he got Hillary’s emails from Putin as part of a plea deal. The danger of all of this nonsense is simply the plain fact it will bring us one more step closer to world war. What is clearly involved here seems to be a highly coordinated scheme that links the IMF and throwing Chelsea Manning in prison who will conveniently have to testify against Assange who can be eventually charged as was Manning and face the death penalty. By linking this to Russia, they hope to also prevent Trump from granting him any pardons.

This is getting very deep. Tyranny under the Banner of Liberty & Human Rights.